How to become a support worker on Mable

A young child with Down syndrome and a support worker playing with blocks together.

Congratulations! Now that you’ve explored all the benefits of becoming an independent support worker on Mable, the next step is to sign up and complete your profile so that you can start making a positive difference in people’s lives and building your small business.

Sign up on Mable

To sign up and create a support worker account on Mable, you will need the following:

If you’ve set up your account correctly, it will be submitted for approval to our team.

If you’re planning on providing Personal Care, Nursing or other Allied Health Services read more about the qualifications you will need.

Get your Mable account approved

Once you’ve completed the details above, your profile will be submitted to the Mable team for approval. How long it takes to approve a support worker’s account depends on whether they have filled out the profile and uploaded all the necessary documents.

After you have been approved by the Mable team, you can start looking for jobs on Mable and connecting with clients. Learn more about getting started as a support worker on Mable, finding jobs, and more.

Complete your Mable support worker account

Once you’ve been approved by our approvals team, you can continue to complete your profile by:

  • Updating your bank details to ensure payments are processed as quickly as possible
  • Updating your indicative rates and availability to be clear to clients about the days you are available, the areas you can work in, and the rates you charge
  • Updating your experience and work history
  • Updating your qualifications and training
  • Indicating your NDIS Worker Screening Check, if applicable Showcasing a badge (LGBTQIA+ friendly, non-smoker, etc.), updating your immunisation status, languages you speak or understand, cultural background and religion. This information is not mandatory, but it enables clients to easily find support workers based on their specific cultural or personal characteristics Indicating your hobbies and interests, which can be helpful when clients look for support workers who have the same interests as them
  • Providing information about the services you can offer – you can tick the boxes shown to you that are relevant. Depending on the support types you want to offer, there will be minimum requirements you need to complete.

Answering a set of questions to qualify for insurance. Completing your Mable profile is very important because it’s essentially your ‘shopfront’, it helps the client find you easily based on all the information you’ve provided and ensures a higher search ranking for your profile.


It depends on what services you plan to offer. You don’t need qualifications for social support and domestic assistance. Qualifications are required for personal care, nursing and allied health professional services.

Yes, as an Independent Support Worker with Mable you do need an Australian Business Number (ABN). This is because you will be operating as a sole trader – so you’re running your own business.

An ABN is very easy to get. Find out how.

Approvals take on average 2-3 days or can be up to 7 days from the time you’ve completed your profile to the return of your police check, if you have completed your account in full and uploaded the necessary documents. If you are unsure if you’ve done everything or have a question about finalising this, please contact our team.

As your police check and working with children check are completed by external parties, Mable is unable to provide a timeframe around these. It might also take us some time to make contact with your references if they are unavailable.