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We’re committed to ensuring the safety and wellbeing of the Mable community.

A range of safeguards are in place to build trust, and offer safety, protection and peace of mind for the entire Mable Community. By registering with Mable, you’re part of our community. Learn more about our comprehensive safeguards below.

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We’re committed to protecting and securing the information of our community.

Your data is secure

At Mable, we are ISO 27001 certified. This means the security measures we have in place for our community are internationally recognised and have been verified by an independent assessment authority.

Secure online platform

Authentication is required to access our online platform at all times. Verbal or written consent is also required to discuss your personal information with anyone other than yourself.

Secure payments

We’re experts in facilitating secure payments between government funded scheme, providers, and our community.


Easily block people from contacting you on our platform at any time, using your own discretion.


For the safety of our community, the following verification requirements are in place for all independent support workers before they are approved and available on the Mable platform.

Strict approval process

Support workers must complete our strict onboarding process before they are approved to provide support on our platform.

Police check

A Mable verified Police Check is required.

Reference checks

We complete two professional reference checks on all independent support workers.

Identity check

Support workers have proved their identity to us following the 100 points of ID check.

Working with Children Check (WWCC)

A WWCC is held by all independent support workers on our platform who intend to provide support to any child under the age of 18.

Certification checks

We verify every qualification and certification listed by support workers for compliance and quality assurance.

Covid-19 Vaccination
and training

In line with State & Territory Government mandates, independent support workers on Mable are required to be vaccinated against Covid-19 or have a valid medical exemption. We support them to ensure compliance. They must also complete mandatory COVID-19 Infection Control Training.

Australian Business Number (ABN)

The requirement of an Australian Business Number (ABN) means the independent support workers on our platform are recognised as legitimate businesses by the Australian Government.


For your peace of mind and protection, we’ve partnered with Berkshire Hathaway Specialty Insurance to bring you a suite of insurances.

All bookings made on our platform cover independent support workers for the following:

Public and Products Liability

This includes personal injury, property damage or advertising liability.

Professional Indemnity (including Medical Malpractice)

This includes malpractice, and civil liability

Group Personal Accident (including journey insurance)

This includes accidents that occur during a meet and greet, travel to or from agreed support, or during an agreed support session.

More about Mable’s suite of insurances

Ratings and reviews

Rated Excellent on Trustpilot

Browse real life and unmoderated Mable customer reviews on Trustpilot, an independent review platform.

Worker ratings and reviews

Make informed support choices using the ratings and reviews provided by people in the Mable community.

Client testimonials

Read stories from real people using Mable every day. 


Connect with Confidence

Mable empowers professional boundaries between clients and support workers by allowing them to connect, chat and make calls without giving out their personal information.

Important information in one place

From worker agreements to shift notes, to transparent records of your billings and invoices and more, your documents are neatly stored in one centralised and secure place.

Maintain your privacy

We respect your confidentiality and only disclose confidential information with persons other than yourself with written or verbal consent.


We’re here to support our community.

Dedicated support team

Our Australian-based Support Team is here to help you as you get started with Mable, and throughout your entire journey.

Incidents reporting

Lodge an incident or complaint through our easy to use online forms and our robust processes will support you through the investigation process.

Trust & Safety Team

Our Trust and Safety team are on hand to provide impartial support and help you resolve any disputes that arise.

Feedback welcome

We put our customer at the centre of everything we do, and want to hear your feedback.

Free training

Our online Learning Hub is available to assist support workers to upskill or complete professional development.

Wellbeing Platform for independent support workers

A free and confidential counselling service is available to support workers 24/7. Learn about the Mable Wellbeing Platform.


Code of conduct

We respect and support a person’s right to dignity, respect, choice and inclusion. Our Code of Conduct outlines the expected conduct of our community.

Privacy policy

Your privacy is important to us. Learn more about our Privacy Policy.

Strict verification policy

For the quality and safety of our community, support worker are only approved to provide services on our Platform once they meet our strict minimum requirements.


The Mable platform is constantly evolving.

Our team is committed to the ongoing improvement of our platform and to providing the best possible support connection experience for the people in our community.

New improvements are regularly released to our platform.


Mable arranges insurance through Berkshire Hathaway Specialty Insurance on behalf of all Independent Support Workers who book services through the Mable platform. The insurance policy covers Professional Indemnity, Public Liability and Group Personal Accident insurance. It covers all Independent Support Workers when they provide services that are confirmed as booked, delivered and paid for through the Mable platform – providing peace of mind for them and their clients. Click here to learn more.

No. Our comprehensive insurance is included in your Mable platform fee and there is no extra charge passed onto clients or Independent Support Workers by Mable when booking work on our platform.

Unfortunately, you won’t receive the benefits of Mable’s safeguards for anything booked outside of Mable’s platform.

No. Every Independent Support Worker available on Mable has passed an extensive screening process. This process begins with a current police check, including a 100 point ID check. Nurses have their registration with the Australian Health Practitioners Regulation Agency confirmed with at least one year of relevant experience. We ensure this registration has also been active for at least 12 months. Copies of required qualifications for Independent Support Workers must be uploaded for clients to access. All workers must provide reference checks and complete mandatory COVID-19 training as well as comply with COVID-19 vaccination requirements applicable to the support worker’s state or territory. 

No. We are an online platform providing Independent Support Workers and clients opportunities to connect and agree upon support sessions. Support workers can provide additional information to clients about themselves via their Mable profiles, and some of this information we do not independently verify. In exercising your choice of Independent Support Workers, we recommend you review their original paperwork and credentials the first time you meet and provide ongoing supervision.

It is important the client verifies the worker is a licenced driver (i.e. sights current driver’s licence) and is driving a registered vehicle. You may ask the worker for evidence of registration or check the licence plate number online to confirm the vehicle is registered. All registered vehicles have Compulsory Third Party (“Green Slip”) insurance which insures against personal injury in the event of a motor vehicle accident. We recommend Independent Support Workers also take out comprehensive insurance, ticked for business use, to protect the worker in the event they damage their car or someone else’s care or property in the event of an accident.

Clients may leave a worker star rating from one to five, with five being the best score possible. The star rating displayed at the top right on the support worker’s profile is the average of all ratings left by customers. The three most recent pieces of client feedback are also included on the profile. Feedback will only be automatically approved where a rating higher than two stars is provided and the Feedback Guidelines are met. Where a rating of one or two stars is given, Mable may, at its discretion, investigate the circumstances leading to that rating. Mable reserves the right to remove a rating or feedback it considers inappropriate or inaccurate for any reason. Clients can submit one review for their support worker at a time. If a second review is submitted, this will replace the first one.

In exercising your choice as a worker or client on the Mable platform, you are also accepting certain responsibilities for those choices, and responsibility for managing the relationship with your client/worker. Whether you are a client or a worker, where possible, it is your responsibility to resolve any issues directly. At any time, either party may terminate the agreement.

In the event that you are unable to resolve a dispute directly, please see our Incidents & Complaints Management Policy for more detail on how to contact our Trust & Safety team and the processes we undertake to help resolve complaints and disputes.

Please refer to the ATO for information on starting and running your own business. If you carry on an enterprise in Australia as a sole trader, you can apply for an ABN for your business and use this number for all your business dealings. You can obtain an ABN by applying for it through the ATO via the Australian Business Register website. There is no fee for applying but if you use a tax agent to complete an application for you they may charge for their services. You can also register for goods and services tax (GST) if you carry on an enterprise, on the ABN application form. You must be registered for GST if your annual GST turnover is $75,000 or more.

Note: The above information should not be considered legal, accounting or tax advice. We recommend you speak with an accountant or tax advisor or your financial advisor and we expressly disclaim any responsibility for any action taken or not taken based on this information.

How do I set professional boundaries?

Clients love the flexibility they get from choosing a worker on Mable and being able to design their support on their terms. But this is still a professional relationship and, as a worker on Mable, you have a responsibility to maintain professional boundaries.

If you’re over-involved with a client, this could affect your professional standards or violate the client’s rights. Without professional boundaries, you could burn out. Support is rewarding and demanding, but if you’re doing more than you should, it takes its toll.

What are examples of professional boundaries?

  • Maintaining the privacy of personal information of both worker and client, or information not relevant to your duties.
  • Respect confidentiality and only disclose confidential information with the client’s written or verbal consent (or that of their legal guardian or nominated family member).
  • Exercising your duty of care to keep your client out of harm’s way, act with knowledge of your client’s disability and/or living situation, and be mindful of your own abilities and limitations. You shouldn’t be giving advice outside of your role or expertise.

Signs that boundaries are being violated

  • Acting like a friend to a client can mean not acting in your client’s best interests. For example, you may develop strong feelings for the client, have personal conversations, do things for a client which they could do themselves and physically touch the client where inappropriate (for example, when providing social support rather than high needs). 
  • Under our terms and conditions, you’re not allowed to accept gifts from clients. If you are offered a gift you can always just say, “Your thanks are enough – this is my job.”
  • Importantly, you may decide only you can offer services to the client, thus taking away their right to choose their own support. 

Finding the right balance

Ask yourself – “am I acting in my client’s best interests?” If necessary, review your relationship and re-establish professional boundaries by clarifying your role with your client. You may need to move the client to a new worker, or look at sharing support with another worker.

For more details about professional boundaries, take a look at Whoa! Please mind my boundaries or call us on 1300 73 65 73.

Support notes are an important way of documenting the support you provide. For insurance purposes, it is required you detail what was done in the support session and make a special note should there be any incidents that occur. If there was an insurance claim made, the support notes you submit would be an important part of the evidence required to assess this.

Please keep in mind the client has access to what you write for their own reference, so ensure your notes are professional and objective.

If you need to report anything in your support hours, such as possible neglect or abuse you do not want to be displayed, please call us on 1300 73 65 73 so we can help you document this and report to the relevant authority in your state.

Here is an example of support notes:

Today I arrived at Mr Smith’s apartment at 5:30 pm and assisted him to eat his dinner by cutting up his food and prompting him to use his cutlery. The client normally does not need assistance to cut up his food, but this week has been needing my assistance. After dinner, I cleaned up by washing the dishes, cleaning the surfaces and sweeping the kitchen floor. The client wanted to watch the news after dinner so we sat together and watched for about 30 minutes. At 7:30 pm I assisted the client to bed by physically assisting him to use the toilet, brush his teeth and put on his pyjamas. On the way to bed, the client became agitated and squeezed my arm. I spoke gently to him and slowly guided him to his bed. Once the client was settled in bed, I left him to sleep and then monitored a half an hour later to ensure he was still asleep in bed. I then left the apartment at 8:30 pm.

As part of the onboarding process, Mable verified your key qualifications to determine which services you may list on your profile.

We strongly recommend only performing services that you are formally qualified to provide, especially when it comes to medication assistance, nursing services, or high care services (e.g. PEG feeding, ventilator assistance etc.).

If a client wishes to book you for a service not listed on your profile, you need to ensure you have the appropriate skills and experience to provide the service. This could be done by completing formal or on-the-job training by someone qualified to do this, or by completing a competency assessment at a recognised training organisation. Ultimately, it is up to you and your client to decide what services will be provided.

It is important you keep records of any training or competency assessments you take, as the insurer may take this into consideration when assessing claims in the case of an accident.

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