We’re committed to ensuring the safety and wellbeing of the Mable community.

A range of safeguards are in place to offer safety, protection and peace of mind for the entire Mable Community. By registering with Mable, you’re part of our community. Learn more about our comprehensive safeguards below.


We’re committed to protecting and securing the information of our community.

Your data is secure

At Mable, we are ISO 27001 certified. This means the security measures we have in place for our community are internationally recognised and have been verified by an independent assessment authority.

Secure online platform

Authentication is required to access our online platform at all times. Verbal or written consent is also required to discuss your personal information with anyone other than yourself.

Secure payments

We’re experts in facilitating secure payments between government-funded schemes, providers, and our community.


You can block people from contacting you on our platform at any time, using your own discretion.


For the safety of our community, the following verification requirements are in place for all independent support workers before they are approved and available on the Mable platform.

Strict approval process

Support workers must complete our strict sign-up and verification process before they are approved to provide support on our platform.

Police check

A Mable verified Police Check is required.

Reference checks

We complete personal and/or professional reference checks on all independent support workers, depending on the type of support they intend to provide

Identity check

Support workers have to prove their identity by providing 100 points of identification.

Working with Children Check (WWCC)

A WWCC is held by all independent support workers on our platform who intend to provide support to any child under the age of 18. We ensure support workers are up to date with their WWCC and are unable to provide services to minors once it has expired.

Certification checks

We verify every qualification and certification listed by independent support workers under the “Qualifications and Services Offered” section of their profile for compliance and quality assurance.

Covid-19 Vaccination
and training

Independent support workers on Mable are expected to comply with applicable State & Territory Government COVID-19 vaccine mandates or have a valid medical exemption. We support them to ensure compliance. They must also complete mandatory Infection Control Training.

Australian Business Number (ABN)

The requirement of an Australian Business Number (ABN) means the independent support workers on our platform are recognised as legitimate businesses by the Australian Government.


For your peace of mind and protection, we’ve partnered with HMD Insurance Pty Limited to to bring you a high-level suite of insurances. This insurance is underwritten by AXIS Syndicate 1686 at Lloyd’s and Canopius Australia.

All bookings made on our platform cover independent support workers for the following:

Public and Products Liability

This includes personal injury, property damage or advertising liability.

Professional Indemnity and Medical Malpractice

This includes malpractice, and civil liability.

Group Personal Accident (including journey insurance)

This includes accidents that occur during a meet and greet, travel to or from, or during an agreed support session.

Ratings and reviews

Rated Excellent on Trustpilot

Browse real life and unmoderated Mable customer reviews on Trustpilot, an independent review platform.

Worker ratings and reviews

Make informed support choices using the ratings and reviews provided by people in the Mable community.

Client testimonials

Read stories from real people using Mable every day.


Connect with Confidence

Mable promotes professional boundaries between clients and independent support workers by allowing you to connect, chat and make calls without giving out your personal information.

Important information in one place

From worker agreements to shift notes, with transparent records of your billings and invoices and more, your documents are neatly stored in one centralised and secure place.

Maintain your privacy

We respect your confidentiality and only disclose confidential information with people other than you with your written or verbal consent.


We’re here to support our community.

Dedicated support team

Our Australia-based Support Team is here to help you as you get started with Mable, and throughout your entire journey.

Incidents reporting

Lodge an incident or complaint through our easy to use online forms and our robust processes will ensure you are supported throughout the process.

Trust & Safety Team

Our Trust and Safety team is on hand to provide impartial support and help you to try to resolve any disputes that arise.

Feedback welcome

We put our customers at the centre of everything we do, and welcome your feedback.

Free training for Independent support workers

Our online Mable Learning Hub is available to assist independent support workers to upskill or complete professional development.

Wellbeing Platform for independent support workers

A free and confidential counselling service is available to support workers 24/7. Learn about the Mable Wellbeing Platform.


Code of conduct

We respect and support a person’s right to dignity, respect, choice and inclusion. Our Code of Conduct outlines the expected conduct of our community.

Privacy policy

Your privacy is important to us. Learn more about our Privacy Policy.

Verification policy

For the quality and safety of our community, independent support workers are only approved to provide services on our Platform once they meet our strict minimum requirements.


The Mable platform is constantly evolving.

Our team is committed to the ongoing improvement of our platform and to providing the best possible support booking experience for the people in our community.

New improvements are regularly released to our platform.


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