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How support workers are ranked in Mable search results

A common way clients find and connect with independent support workers on Mable is through the search function.

As a helpful guide, Mable considers the following factors for how we display worker search results and the order support workers are listed in them. 

You can take into account the following factors if you are looking to increase your visibility in search results. 

The more factors you address, the higher your ranking will be in these search results.


This involves the closeness of the client’s suburb to the locations where you have indicated your availability. For example, support workers within a 20km radius of a client’s suburb receive a ranking boost. 

It’s important to maintain your availability across a range of suburbs and locations to give your profile its best chance of featuring at the top of search results. To learn how to add suburbs to your profile, please visit our helpful guide.

Response Times

Support workers who consistently respond to a client’s opening message within 72 hours receive a boost in their search ranking.

Average response times are displayed in each support worker’s profile, encouraging clients to contact them. To learn more about why response times are important for support workers, plus helpful communication tips on Mable, please visit our help centre.


Clients can filter their search results to focus on support workers available on a particular day of the week. Client feedback to Mable shows that the most common information checked in a worker’s profile are available days and times, so we encourage you to regularly check your availability to ensure it’s accurate.

Schedule Capacity

Workers with capacity in their schedules based on their desired hours and recently-delivered hours may also receive a search ranking boost.

Client Feedback Ranking

Clients can provide transparent feedback and ratings when booking you through the Mable platform. Support Workers receiving consistent, positive client feedback receive a search ranking boost.

We encourage you to ask your existing clients to rate and review you on our platform to help boost your profile’s visibility for potential new clients. You can learn more about how reviews work on Mable here.