How to take a good support worker profile photo

A young man using his phone.
Your profile photo is a potential client’s first impression of you. So it’s important you stand out!

6 tips on getting the perfect support worker profile photo

Here are some tips on getting a good profile picture:

  1. Use a decent camera or smartphone to take your photos.
  2. Don’t take a selfie: you don’t want it to be taken too close or too far away.
  3. Make it look professional: you can choose to get a professional headshot, but if you’re doing it on your own, make sure the photo represents you as a professional.
  4. Make sure the photo is clear: take the photo in soft, natural light. Don’t use a low-resolution image, filters or black and white photos. Make sure you aren’t wearing sunglasses or a hat. Ensure that your face is visible. Smiling helps you look kind, friendly and approachable.
  5. Pick a plain background. Stand in front of a neutral-coloured wall for best results. A ‘busy’ background makes it harder to see your face.
  6. Be the only person in the photo. Don’t include objects, pets, children or other clients.

Your profile photo could make all the difference to how many times you are approached by potential clients on Mable.

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