24/7 support and benefits with Mable Wellbeing Platform

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Mable Wellbeing Platform

Support work is an incredibly rewarding career. However, at times it can be challenging and you may not know who to talk to for support.

The Mable Wellbeing Platform is a comprehensive support service for all support workers registered on our platform.

This service is free of charge for all registered support workers and is available 24/7.

There are three key Platform features available:

1-on-1 Counselling

Our service offers 24/7 access to qualified counsellors for complimentary sessions via a phone or video call, where you can share in confidence any challenges you may be facing, including:
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Log in to access your benefits

Once you’ve logged into the Wellbeing Platform you will gain access to all of the resources on offer.

Wellbeing resources

Browse through hundreds of wellbeing articles, podcasts and videos covering a wide range of topics. From challenges at work, mindfulness, parenting, fitness and more.

Exclusive offers

Being an independent support worker on Mable also unlocks access to a range of exclusive discounts from top retailers across shopping, dining, lifestyle and entertainment.

Common Questions

Yes – if you are registered on Mable as an independent support worker, you’ll gain access to all of these services and benefits for free.

Mable covers all expenses involved with this service. There is no charge for using this service.

Yes. You can keep – or change – your counsellor at any time.

No. Any interaction you have while using this service is through the Mable Wellbeing Platform, which is separate from existing Mable services.

You can receive six free sessions per issue, with unlimited issues available.

No. The counselling is externally provided, with Mable having no record of individuals accessing counselling. Your confidentiality is protected.

You can log in by using the credentials we have sent to your nominated email address in your Mable account.

If you are yet to register as a support worker on Mable, you will receive your login details upon your application to join being confirmed.

If you haven’t received the email – or if you have any questions regarding the Mable Wellbeing Platform – please contact us.

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