What can I earn as a support worker on Mable?

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As an independent support worker on Mable, you can choose the clients you work with, the hours you work, and what you charge for your support services.

Before setting your rates, it’s important you understand how you can earn money on the platform, and what your indicative rates should be and why.

How do I earn money on Mable?

Independent support workers on Mable earn money through being paid for providing support to their clients.

The amount you are paid is the hourly rate you agree upon with your client, less Mable’s low 10% fee. With traditional providers, this fee may be up to 50% of the hourly service fee.

Additionally, Mable is an online platform, which keeps our operating costs much lower and enables us to pass on the savings to our clients.

The rates you set on Mable are flexible, so you have the opportunity to negotiate with each client about what you charge for your support services.

How do I know what to charge?

There are a few factors that can influence how much you charge on the platform. These include:

  • Your experience
  • Your qualifications
  • Ratings and reviews
  • Service specialisation
  • What other independent support worker pay rates in your area for similar services
  • Additional skills, such as languages.

How do I set my rates as a support worker on Mable?

Indicative rates are just that — an indication of your hourly rates when providing support through Mable. They aren’t set in stone, but more of a guide for potential clients to understand how much you could charge for your support.

While setting your indicative rates on your Mable profile, it’s important you remember:

  • You receive the hourly rate you agree upon with the client, less Mable’s 10% fee
  • Indicative rates are flexible, so they can be negotiated
  • As an independent contractor, you are responsible for your own holiday pay, sick leave, taxes and superannuation contributions, so take those figures into account before you set your rates
  • There are now set rates on Mable, so you can agree directly with your client, within our $36 per minimum hourly rate and the NDIS price cap.

If you need assistance, you can contact our Support Team on 1300 736 573, who can guide you through setting your rates. It’s also helpful to learn what other support workers with similar skills, qualifications and experience are setting as their indicative rates to give you an idea of how much to charge.

How much do aged care and disability support workers earn?

People living with disability and older adults have different support needs. Some will need a little support and others more, depending on their individual circumstances. Some clients will also require specialised support, which requires support workers to have certain qualifications.

Support services through Mable can include:

  • Domestic assistance and social support
  • Personal care support
  • Nursing support.

Social support and domestic assistance​

This is where you might assist a client at home and in their daily life. Support could include cleaning, shopping, providing companionship, transport services, assisting on outings and more.

Support workers providing social support and domestic assistance do not need any formal qualifications or prior experience. However, any kind of support service does require you to have some basic skills and qualities.

The average rate that support workers are offering these services is in the range of:

  • $47 to $57 per hour on weekdays
  • $55 to $80 per hour on weekends.

Personal care

If your client requires support with personal hygiene (for example showering and dressing), medication assistance and preparing meals in their home, this is considered personal care.

You will need to have two years prior experience or industry qualifications to provide this service through Mable.

The average rate that support workers are offering these services on Mable is in the range of:

  • $50 to $60 per hour on weekdays
  • $60 to $85 per hour on weekends.

Note, this can be higher if the support worker is highly experienced and qualified or if the client has complex needs.

Keep in mind

The average hourly rate ranges displayed above are indicative only. They are calculated based on the average rate per support provider for session/support hours delivered by the majority of relevant support workers via Mable from 1 October 2023 – 31 March 2024 for all clients and filtered by service type. The rate range includes the applicable Mable fee at the time. Rate ranges can differ, depending on support category, location and level of experience.

Tips for maximising your earning potential

There are a few ways that you can maximise your earning potential as an independent support worker on Mable. These include:

Upskilling and training

A key way to increase your earning potential and attract more clients is through upskilling, training and gaining more qualifications.

Through Mable Learning Hub, you can access 170+ free courses available on demand, to expand your industry knowledge.

Client reviews

Having written client reviews on your profile is very important.

Positive reviews help to build trust with potential clients, as it showcases previous positive experiences you have had on the platform, and is likely to make them feel more confident in choosing you as their support worker. It also impacts how you are ranked in search results on the platform.

Having an up-to-date profile

Having a complete and up-to-date profile is key, as it is where potential clients will get their first impression of you and your skills.

Make sure your skills and services are clearly showcased, and any new training or qualifications you receive are added to your profile.

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Getting paid through the platform is easy. After a support session, you simply submit your Support Hours. Once this is approved by your client, Mable will generate an invoice and send this to the person or funding source (for example, the NDIS). Mable will follow up any unpaid invoices.

Once the client has paid for the support service, Mable then processes the payment (deducting the platform fee). This will appear in your nominated bank account usually 1-2 business days later.

Sometimes a client will require a longer session of support. This is where being able to negotiate the rate is helpful for both parties. When agreeing on longer service rates, consider the time you are actively supporting compared to when you are passive or sleeping.

Viewing other support worker profiles and joining our support worker Facebook group to ask members what they would charge for longer support sessions is a great strategy.

If you are asked to work on a public holiday or weekend, it’s important to be transparent about your public holiday rates and weekend rates. Setting a public holiday and weekend rate on your Mable profile is the best way to do — and remember, this is a rate that needs to be agreed upon by you and your client.

Yes, you can offer a range of services as a support worker on Mable. However, the services that you offer need to align with your skills and experience, and where necessary, you need to have the appropriate qualifications.

Read our guide to find out more about the support you can provide on Mable.