Choice, control and more hours of support each week.

Our users pay less, while independent workers using the platform have the potential to earn more.

That’s what happens when you cut out the middleman.

Users pay less.

  • Mable enables consumers and independent workers to agree a rate between themselves. The consumer then pays this agreed rate plus 5%.

  • Low fees mean you can get more hours of support from the support workers you’ve chosen.

  • Pay privately or use your NDIS or Home Care Package funding.

  • Easily track payments via your online dashboard.

While workers can earn more

  • Independent workers will receive the agreed rate, less 10%.

  • This covers the cost of insurances when a worker is booked through the platform

  • Manage your business with discounts through our partner, Airtax.

Clients pay less. Workers can earn more.

You agree the rates directly with your independent workers.

Once your rate is agreed, you pay the agreed rate plus 5%. Independent workers will receive the agreed rate, less 10%.

This illustrative example is based on an agreed rate of $40 per hour.

Rates typically range from $30.00 – $48.00 per hour on the platform across independent workers with different experiences, qualifications and services.

*Based on casual worker receiving minimum award rate per hour

** TTP is a Temporary Transformation Payment of 7.5% paid to Registered Providers this financial year

*** Based on average of prices for “Standard Hours” for Personal Care and Household tasks on My Aged Care for a selection of providers

#Current as at November 2019

Better Value.

Only pay for the hours you receive, at a price agreed between you and your support workers. Flexibility to agree different rates for different services or experience. It’s the most transparent, flexible pricing on the market.

*Based on the average aged care provider hourly rates, NDIS cap rates and average hourly rate of independent workers on Mable.

1 Consumer pays the agreed rate plus 5%

2 Independent workers will receive the agreed rate less 10%

3 Fixed hourly rate charged by example online provider

4 NDIS maximum fee for core supports

5 Example hourly rate charged by aged care providers

6 Assumed care worker pay based on standard weekday hourly rate [for SCHADS Award level 3.2], includes superannuation contribution

7 The overhead fees charged by Mable, an online provider and a traditional provider for each hour of care, i.e. difference between what consumer pays and worker earns

#Current as at November 2019

Something for everyone.

Mable helps us build more rewarding relationships in our local communities.

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