How payments work on Mable

Learn more about how payments work, the different payment options available to support workers and what can cause payment delays.

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How payments work
Payment options for support workers
Payment options for clients
How to check if support hours have been approved

How payments work

As a support worker, you must submit your support hours and notes in order to be paid by your client. You must submit these as soon as you can following a session. A significant delay in submitting support hours and notes may lead to a delay in payment.Here is how payment works:
  • After the session, you submit your support hours and notes.
  • The client or their representative approves the support hours and an invoice is generated.
    • If the support hours aren’t approved/rejected by the client or their representative within 24 hours, the system will automatically approve them.
    • For most clients, invoices are generated weekly, on Wednesdays. To help avoid delays, we recommend submitting completed support hours before Tuesdays at 9 am (AEST).
  • Mable invoices the person or organisation responsible for payment – this may be the client if they pay privately, or it may be the client’s funding source.
  • There will be a delay between the time the client is invoiced and the time you receive the payment. This is because the payment option you have chosen, and the payment option the client has chosen affects how long it takes for you to get paid by the client.

Payment options for support workers

Mable has three payment options:

  1. Regular payments
  2. 10-Day Payments
  3. Express Pay

How to check if support hours have been approved

If logged in on a browser, you can find the approval status of support hours by navigating to the Support hours section of your account. Approved and/or rejected hours will be listed in the support hours table.

If the support hours have been approved, hover the mouse over the green box to reveal the approval date.

Approved and rejected hours can also be found in the support hours table.

If using the mobile app, approved support hours can be found by logging in and selecting Support hours. Approved support hours will be listed under the Current tab. Any support hours still waiting for approval will be listed under the Pending tab.

If support hours have been rejected, please get in touch with the client to understand more. If, after speaking with the client, the issue hasn’t been resolved, please contact Mable’s customer support team via Live Chat for assistance.