Self-managed home care packages

Get more choice and control by self-managing.

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Why self-manage?

When you choose to self-manage your Home Care Package, you choose to stay in charge.

Services you want

You are in the best position to know what kind of services and assistance you need. Self-management lets you prioritise what’s important for you so you can continue to live independently at home and in your community.

When and where

You want to feel comfortable with the people who come to your home. Perhaps you need them to speak your language or understand your interests. Self-management lets you choose the people who will work best for you.

More hours of support

Admin fees and overheads charged by traditional providers can eat up your Home Care Package funding. By self-managing, you avoid these fees and you could stretch your funding further and get more hours of support.

What is self-management?

Everyone who receives a government funded Home Care Package has the option to ‘self-manage’ it.
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How the Home Care Package works

There are four levels of the Home Care Package (HCP) program available to older Australians who want to access support in their homes. People are assessed for eligibility and assigned a level based on their needs and capabilities. Learn more about home care packages in Australia.

How self-management works

Self-management means you have complete control over how you use your HCP funding, you choose who supports you and when. You still need an approved HCP provider to host your package, but you will pay lower and less fees, freeing up more funding for you to spend on your services.

Do you have a Home Care Package?

Whether you already have a HCP or are just starting out on your journey, it’s never too late to consider your self-management options.

I just got approved, but don’t have a provider yet

Once approved for a HCP, you have 56 days to sign an agreement with an approved HCP provider. Make sure your chosen provider offers genuine self-management – like HomeMade. Do some research and choose the right one for you.

When you’ve chosen a provider, give them the unique referral code from your HCP approval letter and they’ll activate your package. After signing your agreement, you can sign up on Mable and start booking support workers. You’re in control now.

I want to switch to self-management

First, ask your current provider if they’ll let you self-manage your HCP and choose service providers that aren’t employed by them. If the answer is no, research other providers and look for one that offers genuine self-management – like HomeMade.

Once you’ve chosen a provider, notify your current one and confirm any notice periods or exit fees. Next, reactivate your HCP referral code with your new provider. After signing your agreement, you can sign up on Mable and start booking support workers. You’re in control now.

I want to be approved for a HCP and self-manage it

First you will need to be assessed for a HCP by the Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT) and get approved. The approval process can take up to two weeks. Get your HCP assessment process started.

The next step is to find an approved HCP provider that offers you genuine self-management – like HomeMade. You can research providers while you’re waiting for your HCP to be approved.

Once you’ve been approved and assigned a HCP level you have 56 days to sign an agreement with your HCP provider. Give them the referral code from your approval letter so they can activate your package.

After signing your agreement, you can sign up on Mable and start booking support workers. You can either post a job ad or search for support workers in your local area. You’re in control now.

How to get started

  • Search workers using 70+ filters. Read qualifications, reviews, hobbies, languages and indicative rates on workers’ profiles.
  • Communicate with support workers using our online messaging features. Agree on shift length and rates directly.
  • Manage your clients’ ongoing support with access 
to a range of tools and resources.
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Find the right services for you

On Mable, you can choose the services that suit your goals and support needs.

Daily living, social and community activities

Housework, organising transport, gardening, meal prep, and more.

Personal care

Showering, hoist transfer, exercise assistance, palliative care, and more.

Qualifications needed for workers


Wound care, medication management, respite support, and more.

Qualifications needed for workers

Allied health

Occupational therapy, psychology, physiotherapy and speech therapy.

Qualifications needed for workers

How can Mable help you?

Learn how others are self-managing their Home Care Package with Mable.

Find support that suits
your budget

Find support
that suits
your budget

Choose a support worker and mutually agree on rates.