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Mable is an online platform that connects people looking for aged care or disability support, with a diverse community of independent support workers.

With tools and features on the platform, coordinators — both NDIS support coordinators and care managers — can easily manage support for their clients.

Search for support workers on Mable

One of the most useful tools for coordinators is the search functionality to find support workers on Mable. With more than 70 filters to refine your search, you can easily find the right fit for your client.

Start by choosing the location (suburb or postcode).

You can then refine your search by specifying:

  • The type of support (social support, personal care, etc.)
  • The support worker’s availability through the week
  • Additional filters to suit your client’s specific needs, such as gender preference, language, cultural background, and hobbies.

You can also search for a support worker by their first name, either as yourself or on behalf of your client. Learn more about the search functionality.

Mable Last Minute

To help coordinators ensure their clients have maximum choice and control over their support journey, Mable provides them with flexibility to find short or long-term support.

One way in which we make this possible is Mable Last Minute.

With Mable Last Minute, you can book from the first 5 available support workers for jobs within a 4hr-48hr time period. This is especially helpful in unexpected circumstances, such as when a support worker is unable to make it to a support session, or the client has a last-minute appointment to attend.

Learn more about Mable Last Minute.

Shortlisting and messaging support workers

Using this tool, you can save time by messaging as many shortlisted support workers as you like. You can use this tool as yourself or on behalf of your client.

Once you have built your shortlist using the Shortlist menu option on your dashboard, select the support workers you want to contact and send a bulk message to them.

Note that you can only send a bulk message on behalf of one client at a time. Learn more about shortlisting and bulk messaging support workers.

Manage jobs

For your coordinator-managed clients, this tool is useful in managing all your open, public, private and Last Minute job summaries in one place. This is also helpful to find the best-matched support workers faster. Simply select Manage jobs in your dashboard.

To see the list of support workers against each job, click View workers. Here, you will be able to see and compare worker summaries that include services offered, availability, indicative rates and the worker’s message.

Learn more about the manage jobs tool.

Download bulk incident reports and support notes

Mable provides support workers with tools to report incidents through the platform. Coordinators are notified by email when incidents relating to their clients are reported.

You can download bulk incident reports and support notes from the ‘Compliance’ section of your dashboard.

Download bulk SP qualifications

You can view and download information on support worker qualifications from the Compliance section on your dashboard.

This tool is useful to match appropriately skilled and qualified workers to their clients’ support needs. You can download bulk worker qualifications using this tool.

To learn more about this feature, visit the Help Centre.

Mable is committed to delivering the best experience for coordinators on the platform. If you have any questions or you would like to get in touch with your dedicated Account Manager, email

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