Fast payments, better cash flow and peace of mind: 10-Day Payments

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Fast payments, better cash flow and peace of mind: 10-Day Payments

The 10-Day Payments feature was launched to help support workers manage their business on Mable and cash flow.

In order to receive 10-Day Payments, support workers must meet the eligibility requirements. If eligible, support workers will receive payment for all their invoiced support in 10 days or less (from approval of their support hours).

How 10-Day Payments is working for support workers on Mable

We reached out to support workers on Mable to ask them how 10-Day Payments is helping them run their business better.

Shorter wait times for payments

Support workers like Catherine are happy that they don’t have to wait as long to receive payment, adding that 10 days is a ‘reasonable’ time frame. She says, “7-14 days is a respectable time frame in which to be paid. It’s great to have dates of when I’ll be paid, especially having long-term, regular clients, who have difficulty in remembering to pay the invoices.”

Better cash flow

With regular payments comes better cash flow, so that support workers are better able to plan their finances. As Shelley says, “For me, the cash flow improved immediately and I am now able to forecast with accuracy. It is terrific, the expected dates of payment really help me plan out cash flow and expense payments. Ten days is a very reasonable turnaround from service to payment. Mable offers a number of benefits to workers, but at the end of the day, cash is king!”

Catherine agrees, saying the “better control over cash flow and being paid is reassuring”.

How does 10-Day Payments work?

If you’re an approved support worker on Mable, you can opt in for 10-Day Payments through your Mable account. Thereafter, Mable Payment Services pays you for eligible support hours within 10 days, from approval, even if the payment is still being collected from the client or their funding source.

To remain eligible for 10-Day Payments, ensure you:

  • Submit your support hours promptly
  • Provide detailed support notes
  • Get to know your client’s funding type requirements (eg, NDIS price limits and 24-hour rates)
  • Check you’re verified and qualified for the services you provide
  • Provide details of any issues if you choose to terminate an agreement, so as not to delay payment.

You can review 10-Day Payments terms and learn more about payments on Mable.


No, ExpressPay remains available after someone has opted-in to 10-Day Payments.

You can view the status in the support hours section of your Mable account.

Under review: Mable reviews all support hours for potential payment risks. Reviews generally take no longer than one business day. We’ll contact you if we require further information.

Approved: Your support hours have been approved as eligible for 10-Day Payments. You’ll receive your payment within 10 days.

Declined: Your support hours have been declined and are not eligible for 10-Day Payments. Your payment will be collected as per Mable’s regular payment terms.
If 10-Day Payments is unavailable, you’ll be notified by email. Learn more about 10-Day Payments.