10 steps to succeed as an Independent Support Worker on Mable

A support worker and a young man with Down syndrome walking together outdoors.

Working as an independent support worker is a highly rewarding job. At Mable, we provide you with the tools, information and support you need so you can build a successful business on the Mable platform.

Before you provide your first support session, keep in mind these 10 guidelines to maximise your chances of a successful, safe and enjoyable support session through Mable.

1. In an emergency call 000 immediately

Whenever a situation arises that requires urgent medical attention or other emergency services, call 000 immediately. Remain calm, communicate everything you know about the situation to the emergency services phone operator, stay with your client and administer any relevant first aid, if you are qualified and confident to do so.

2. You are responsible for your safety and your client’s safety

Mable ensures there are safeguards in place for our clients and support workers. Whether you are providing support in the client’s home or out in the community, always be aware of any potential issues.

3. Immediately report any abuse or neglect

Incidents may occur while you’re providing support. It’s a crucial part of Mable’s Code of Conduct for support workers to report any instances of abuse or neglect of clients. Dedicated phone lines in each state of Australia enable you to report abuse or neglect. You can also report incidents when you log your support hours on Mable.

4. Do not perform services for which you are not qualified

Performing services you are not qualified to perform puts you and your client at risk of potential injury. Although it may be tempting to do something that seems easy and simple for your client, it is important that you adhere to your job description and not do anything outside of that. Suggest to your client they hire the appropriate qualified professional to undertake those tasks instead.

5. Accept payment only through Mable

Mable has set up a convenient, straightforward support session approval system which means you and your clients can conduct your transactions in a secure and professional manner. We do this so that you can focus on providing excellent support to your clients and let Mable take care of the payment side of things.

6. Respond to all messages within 24 hours

Successful support workers communicate well with their potential clients, establishing a good rapport from the outset and answering any questions their potential clients may have, in a timely manner. Responding promptly to messages provides a great first impression and also increases your likelihood of appearing in ranked searches.

7. Ensure your agreement is accepted by your client

Establish an agreement with your client and make sure they accept it before you commence your first support session with them. The agreement should include your rates and the details about your services. Include as much information as possible in your agreement so expectations are clear from the outset.

8. Ensure all your checks are up to date

Keep up-to-date with required checks such as the Working With Children Check in your state, if you are supporting a child or children. Successful support workers set up reminders in their diary for when checks expire to ensure they are up to date and are allowed to perform their duties.

9. Maintain the client’s privacy at all times

Maintaining the client’s privacy is of utmost importance. All clients have a right to privacy regarding their personal information, and support workers should not seek information that is not relevant or necessary to the performance of their duties. This also means not sharing personal information with anyone unless you have permission from the client and being observant whilst in the community for example, to ensure your client’s dignity is being upheld and protected.

10. If you are running late or have to cancel a support session, call the client ASAP

Communicating effectively with clients ensures you are building trust and illustrates you are a reliable person. As soon as you’re aware you will not be able to arrive on time or you need to cancel a support session, notify the client as soon as you can, so they can make alternative arrangements, if necessary. If you buddy up with a support worker peer (such as through our support worker group on Facebook), you can even request them to stand in for you.

If either party needs to cancel a support session, the service agreement you have in place will outline the cancellation policy. You can choose whether to charge if your shift is cancelled at short notice to include travel costs and how much notice you need for cancellations free of charge. This is an agreement between yourself and the client and it’s really important this is agreed upon and accepted by your client prior to the session commencing.

By following the 10 steps outlined in this article you are giving yourself the best chance of success as an independent support worker on the Mable platform.


Send a message to the client and offer a meet and greet, either in person via a video call on the Mable App This will give you an opportunity to build rapport with the client and communicate how you can support them. Learn more about how to respond to a client’s job ad.

Get to know Mable’s code of conduct which outlines expected standards of behaviour for clients and support workers. Also, familiarise yourself with Mable’s privacy policy which outlines everyones’ privacy and confidentiality obligations.