How to write a good (concise) bio: – do’s and don’ts

We have previously touched on how to attract more clients with a great profile photo.

Now you have captured your client’s attention and they have clicked on your profile, it’s your chance to shine! Here are some suggestions to make your Mable profile more effective:

Your bio sits directly underneath your profile photo – your bio gives you the opportunity to provide a more detailed description about you and your motivations to provide care and support to others.

Take a moment to edit your About section, so clients can get to know you better. Also, ensure that you check the spelling and grammar.

– Bio’s should be concise and only include relevant information
– Mention how you deliver exceptional service and care
– Highlight your achievements
– Tell your clients a bit more about yourself (Kids? Family? Hobbies?)
– Why did you decide to become a care worker?
– Sound professional and approachable
– Ensure your bio has impeccable spelling and grammar

– Do not abbreviate or use colloquial language
– If your bio is too long clients may not read the whole thing (we recommend a bio anywhere between 150 – 200 words)
– Do not give away your last name or any of your contact details (for your safety – all communication should go through the platform. Please note: you will not be insured if you do not schedule work through the Mable platform)

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