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Finding the right support creates more time to enjoy family relationships

On International Women’s Day, we wanted Aussie women to know that the many hours a week of extra unpaid care work that you do doesn’t go unnoticed! We also want you to know that there’s a fresh, new way to get the help you deserve and your family needs.

Women are performing more unpaid care work

For women who have ageing parents to look after, or a spouse who needs ongoing care, there’s a lot of pressure on them to do the ‘heavy lifting’ (figuratively and sometimes, literally).

As of January 2019, women make up 46.9% – almost half – of the Australian workforce. On average, women spend 64% of their ‘working hours’ performing unpaid care work (in comparison to men at 36%). This includes cooking, cleaning and laundry as well as taking care of the children and the elderly or a chronically ill or disabled family member.

A lot of these women stoically go about their responsibilities, somehow magically fitting everything in, taking care of everyone’s needs. But there’s a much better way and it might surprise you how flexible, comfortable and empowering it is!

Aged Care looks different with Mable!

For a lot of people, the thought of introducing care and support for a loved one makes them feel uncomfortable. They worry that having a stranger in the house can be disorienting and that their loved one’s usual routine will be disrupted. But Mable is not a traditional aged care provider. Mable was established by Peter Scutt who, when trying to find care for his elderly parents, wasn’t at all satisfied with the options.

“It’s normal for people to have reservations when they look into outsourcing care,” Peter says. “These are precious family members and you want what’s best for them.”

Peter designed Mable to be completely client focused. “It can be quite confronting for older family members to have strangers come into their home. But what if you could choose the actual person who comes, based on their skills, their services, their availability and even their interests?”

That’s what Mable is about. You get to choose your Independent Support Person and you get to connect with them directly.

The beauty of choice

Mable offers options to get support for a loved one so that your time together can remain quality time.

Choose the people who come into your home – You can sit down with your parent/s or loved one and search from an array of options including gender, age, skills, services, interests and more. You might even find someone who can speak to your loved one in their native language! Also, there won’t be a roster of support workers. In other words, the same support worker or people will come each time.

Choose the services – You choose what to spend your Home Care Package or own money on. From house cleaning, companionship and meal preparation to mobility, toileting and nursing services, you get to decide exactly what you need.

No disruption to your routine – Mable’s Independent Support People set their own availability so they’re very flexible. You can choose someone who fits with your usual routine and that makes for a much more comfortable arrangement.

Outsourcing care makes more time for enjoying family relationships
A lot of the positive feedback we receive is around family members being able to free up time for themselves and their own families because their parents’ needs have been taken care of during the day!

If your home time is filled with lots of responsibilities, wouldn’t it be lovely to use that time to do enjoyable things with your loved ones? Family harmony is such an important element in every person’s health and wellbeing. Naturally you want to be there for those who need you but you can outsource a good proportion of these responsibilities to an aged care support worker.

Home Care Package or private payment

If you decide to outsource some of your care responsibilities for your ageing family member/s, you should investigate if you they are eligible for a Home Care Package which subsidises the cost of care. Start by visiting the federal government’s website.

You can always pay privately while waiting for a Home Care Package Mable’s fees are much lower than others’ in the industry so you receive excellent value for money. Research has shown that starting care early leads to better outcomes later.

On International Women’s Day and beyond, explore home care for your elderly parents or ageing partner through Mable’s fresh, easy-to-use platform. We welcome you to explore and see for yourself how easy it is to find someone ideal to be there for your family for a proportion of the care tasks so you can be there for the enjoyable times.

Sign up for a free client account here, with no obligation at all and start by taking a simple look around.

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