I’m approved as a support worker on Mable: What’s next?

6 steps to get started as a support worker on Mable

Last updated 9 August 2023

If you’re reading this, you’ve likely just been approved as an independent support worker on Mable. Congratulations! You have joined a vibrant and passionate community of support workers and clients who connect with each other every day through Mable. Watch the video below to understand how you can launch your independent support business on Mable.

Now that you’re approved, follow these six key steps to start getting jobs and finding clients:

Step 1: Complete your Mable profile

Your support worker profile is essentially your shopfront. It has all the information clients need — who you are, what services you offer, your availability, qualifications, and more. To make sure clients are able to contact and book you, you need to complete your profile and get it approved by the Mable team. Find out more about completing your profile.

Step 2: Download the Mable app

Building a business is all about engagement, connectivity and consistency. The more you engage with your potential clients, the higher your chances of booking more support sessions and building a thriving small business on Mable. 

The Mable app is something you can use on the go. Whether it’s a quick message as a response to a job ad, or replying to an enquiry from a potential client, the Mable app makes it easy and efficient to network and connect with clients. Consistent actions, big and small, achieve results. The Mable app is a powerful tool for independent support workers to scale up their business on the platform. 

Step 3: Start looking for jobs on Mable

Now that you are armed with a complete profile and all the information you need to start providing support, you can set your indicative rates and begin looking for jobs on Mable through your account. 

Sign up on the Mable app to be notified of Mable Last Minute jobs, a great way to meet a new client for a potential long-term job or a review.

Apply for jobs on Mable and start connecting with potential clients by clicking  on the jobs tab in your profile, narrowing your search to your area and browsing available jobs. Reach out to the job posters and start a conversation.

Remember to keep your profile up-to-date with your availability and the suburbs you are available to work in. A common way clients find and connect with independent support workers on Mable is through the search function. The more factors you address in your profile, the higher your ranking will be in these search results. You can also widen your suburb search to give you more job options. 

Importantly, check your inbox regularly for replies from potential clients. Prompt and professional replies show you are ready to do the job and that you are a professional business owner. Overall, the more engaged you are with the Mable app, the more clients you are likely to book. 

Learn more about how to find jobs, how to respond to job ads and other tips to find clients on Mable. We also recommend reading our 10-step guide to succeed as an independent support worker on Mable.

Step 4: Offer a meet and greet

Many independent support workers on Mable offer a ‘meet and greet’. These are a great opportunity to:

  • Set out your expectations for how you would like to work with the client
  • Understand if you are a right fit for each other
  • Ask each other questions about the support required and the current support situation.

You can learn more about the meet and greet process and get some tips to help you prepare for this meeting.

Step 5: Offer an agreement

If your meet and greet with a client is successful, the next step is to finalise a service agreement before you start providing support. A service agreement formalises the terms of the support and includes details about the work you will undertake, the location where the support session will occur, terms pertaining to your cancellation policy, etc. Remember, you should begin your support session only once the service agreement has been accepted by the client.

Learn more about agreements and what to include in them.

Step 6: Submit your support hours

Once your first support session is complete, the next step is to submit your support hours. Once your client has approved your support hours, the process of payments will begin. Learn how payments work on Mable once your client approves your support hours.

In addition to these key steps, you can also connect with other independent workers who use Mable, in our private Facebook group. You will find a wealth of knowledge and tips in the posts by experienced support workers and the Mable team. Whether it’s looking for an accounting app or how to book more clients, this wonderful community of support workers are ever ready to help. Join here.


Download the Mable mobile app. Search for jobs in your area. Apply for multiple jobs at one time. Sign up for email notifications and register for Mable Last Minute jobs.

Absolutely! Having your clients all on the one platform is an efficient and smart way to run your business. If your clients need any help signing up with Mable, they can contact us and we will assist them. Here are 10 reasons why it’s a great idea to bring your clients into the Mable community.

Yes! Through your Mable account, you can download a digital copy of your print-ready personalised business cards and flyers (at no charge). Simply log into your Mable account, click ‘account’ and you will see an option to download your ‘business cards and flyers.’

Distribute copies of your business card, and encourage them to share with anyone who might be looking for aged care or disability support. 

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