Most frequently asked questions by Mable clients

A student with Down syndrome talks to a support worker.


Most frequently asked questions by Mable clients

Mable is an online platform that connects people looking for aged care or disability support, with independent support workers.

We understand you may have questions about booking support on Mable, making payments on Mable or using your funding to find support workers on the Mable platform. 

That’s why we have created this Frequently Asked Questions guide for Mable clients.

Services, fees and signing up on Mable

1. What services does Mable offer?

Independent support workers on Mable offer a range of support services. 

These can include social and domestic support, transport support, personal care, occupational therapy, and much more.

Learn in detail about services that support workers on Mable offer.

2. How do I sign up on Mable?

You can sign up on Mable for free and start searching for support workers in your local area or post a job ad. Simply register on Mable and complete your account.

Learn more about signing up.

3. What are the fees on Mable?

You can learn about fees on our Pricing page.

Finding a support worker on Mable

1. How do I find a support worker?

On Mable, there are 2 ways to find a support worker.

  1. Post a job ad: The benefit of posting a job ad is that you can get really specific about your support needs. 

Here are 8 things to include in your job ad to maximise your chances of finding a good match.

  1. Search for a support worker: You can also find a support worker in your local area. Learn how to search for a support worker on Mable.

2. Can I find a support worker by their name?

Yes, you can. When you are searching for a support worker, you will find a option ‘for ‘Filters’. If you click on that and scroll right to the bottom of the screen, you will find an option called ‘Search by support worker name’.

Here, you can enter their first name and find them. For privacy reasons, you can’t search by their full name until you are in an agreement with the support worker.

3. Can I bring my own support worker to Mable?

Yes, you can. 

You can ask them to sign up to Mable, and we can help make this happen.

Once the worker completes their onboarding process and they have been approved, you can book them via Mable.

Every Mable booking offers safeguards including a suite of insurances.

4. Can I find last minute support on Mable?

Yes. With Mable Last Minute, you can search for and book a support worker to be available within 4 to 48 hours.

Here’s how:

  • Log in to your account (website or app)
  • Click on the ‘Post a job’ button
  • Click on ‘Last Minute Job’ then ‘Create a Last Minute job’
  • Fill in the information required.

Your job will be posted and shown to support workers in your area who have indicated their availability. 

You will receive offers from up to 5 workers and you will need to accept one of their offers at least 2 hours before the job start time.

Learn more about Mable Last Minute.

5. What questions do I ask in a support worker interview?

On Mable, you can do a meet and greet or an interview either face to face or through the Video Call feature. An interview is a great opportunity to set expectations for your support needs, understand if you are a right fit for each other, and to ask questions about the support required and the current support situation.

Here’s our guide to 7 questions you can ask in a support worker interview.

6. How do cancellations work on Mable?

Mable’s Calendar feature allows you to cancel planned sessions directly from your calendar. 

This makes it simple to let your support worker know your session is not going ahead. You can also provide an optional reason for cancellation.

You can also cancel a session via the ‘Support Hours’ section of your dashboard in your account.

Remember to agree on the cancellation policy with your support worker and make sure it is mentioned clearly in your service agreement. 

This is to avoid confusion and problems later on, as both you and your support worker are clear on expectations around cancellations.

7. How do I pay for a booking?

Mable collects payment from clients on behalf of support workers. 

Clients can pay via:

  • Credit card or debit card
  • Direct debit from a bank account
  • Invoice.

Learn in more detail about payments.

8. What qualifications do support workers on Mable have?

This depends on the type of support they provide. All support workers go through strict onboarding processes, including police checks and qualification checks. Learn more in our safeguards section.

9. What if my independent support worker requests information from me that is unrelated to the support I require, for example, financial information?

You should not provide your support workers with any information that is not directly related to your support and that you feel uncomfortable disclosing.

Any information you provide an independent support worker with is your choice. You can include information regarding your goals and needs on your client profile. Your support worker can use this information to help them deliver quality, person-centred support.

If you have concerns about your support worker’s conduct, please discuss the matter with family members or your chosen representative, and contact the Mable team on 1300 73 65 73.

Alternatively, you can call the Health Care Complaints Commission to discuss any issues further at or 1800 043 159. Remember, you always have the choice to stop engaging a particular care worker and choose another if you have any concerns.

How your funding works with Mable

1. How do I use my Home Care Package funding on Mable?

You can self-manage your home care package on Mable. 

This means you can: 

  • Choose the people who support you
  • Choose what services you want from the people who support you 
  • Choose when (what time, how many hours, etc.) you want those services.

Learn more about booking support using your home care package.

2. How do I use my NDIS funding on Mable?

If you are self-managed or plan-managed, you can directly connect with support workers on Mable and use your NDIS funding to receive support.

If you are NDIA-managed (Agency-managed), the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) is responsible for managing payments and keeping payment records of spending using your NDIS plan funding. 

If your NDIS funding is managed by the NDIA, you can only use NDIS-registered providers for your support. This means you cannot use Mable to book support.

Learn more about using your NDIS funding on Mable.

3. I don’t have a home care package or NDIS funding, can I still book support on Mable?

Yes, you can pay privately to book independent support workers on Mable. All you need to do is sign up and post a job ad or start searching for workers in your local area.

4. Is Mable an NDIS Provider?

Mable is not a traditional support provider organisation, it is an online platform. Mable does not provide support, so it does not fit into any of the currently available provider registration categories.

Mable is an online platform that uses technology to connect people – including older Australians, people with disability or their carers – with independent support workers and support service providers in their community. These independent contractors and small businesses may or may not be NDIS-registered.

By providing an online platform with safeguards where people can find, connect and manage their support teams, they have more choice and control over the support they receive and can pay lower hourly rates for support than NDIS reference rates. 

You can pay less and workers can earn more. Learn how Mable’s pricing works for everyone.

Contacting Mable

How do I contact Mable if I have a problem?

If you need help from our customer support team, you can use the Contact Us form to get in touch.