How do clients pay independent support workers for their work?

Mable collects payment from clients on behalf of independent support workers. Clients can make payments via:
Credit/Debit Card: After you approve the independent worker’s support hours, the number of hours multiplied by the agreed rate plus a 7.95% client platform fee will be charged to your nominated credit card. For example, if $45 per hour is the agreed rate, with Mable’s 7.95% client platform fee the client pays $48.58 per hour ($45 x 1.0795 = $3.58 fee). With Mable’s 10% worker platform fee ($45 x .1 = $4.50 fee) the worker receives $40.50 an hour.

Direct Debit from a Bank Account: Payment can be direct debited from a nominated account after the worker’s support hours are approved. A completed direct debit authority form will need to be uploaded to your account and verified. The form can be downloaded in the Payment Details section of your profile.

Invoice: Service providers, and sometimes individuals who are self-managing or plan-managing government funding, have the option to pay by invoice. The platform generates invoices in the name of the support worker, with their ABN.

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