Communicating on Mable – connect and stay in touch safely

Keep in touch on Mable for free through Team Chat, audio and video calls.

Team Chat

Team Chat is how clients and workers on Mable can communicate through free online messaging using our platform.

Staying in touch through Mable makes it easier to maintain support and communication, whether you’re connecting 1-on-1 or in a team.


Real-time online and typing updates are displayed, increasing communication transparency between clients and workers.


Team Chat also gives clients the ability to create group chats with any workers you’re currently in an agreement with on Mable.

Audio calls

Save time by using our mobile app to call other people on Mable.

In-app calls are available once people have sent at least one message to each other on Mable.

Phone number privacy

When using the Mable app for calls with other Mable Community members, you don’t need to share your own phone number. Instead, your call will be made through the Mable platform, meaning your phone number isn’t revealed.

Video calls

Video calls are a popular method for holding meet and greets between clients and workers, offering an alternative way to get in touch rather than in-person.

In-app calls are available once people have Video calls are also available for delivering remote support and Allied Health consultations through our platform.

This free service becomes available after people have sent at least one message to each other within the Mable app.


This feature has a maximum calling limit of three times in two minutes. After that, you will be placed on a 15-minute hold to allow the other person time to return your phone call. The temporary phone numbers expire after a call finishes.

No. There needs to be at least one message sent by each person in the conversation.

You may block a person’s ability to call you, block them entirely from communicating with you within Mable or block and report them for excessive calling if necessary.


Yes, all Mable Community members may use their own discretion to report and block each other from contacting them on Mable at any time. Blocking means a total ban on communicating with each other on the Mable platform through team chat and calls.




Yes, however it will be the client’s name that is displayed, not the coordinator’s name inside the chat.