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How to make IWD more inclusive for disabled people

When it comes to International Women’s Day, there’s a lot of talk about how important inclusivity is. However, something that becomes apparent around this time of year is how little disabled women are included in the conversation. Let’s talk about it.

A man has a virtual meeting at his laptop.

2024 new Mable features

At Mable, we know how important it is for you to quickly get the best care for your clients. Here are the new features that will make your Mable experience easier, faster and more streamlined.

It’s okay to identify as disabled: Zoe

Identifying as disabled for Zoe was empowering. But there was a lot of stigma around it. People said things like ‘Oh, you’re not disabled, don’t call yourself that’ or ‘Yeah, but you’re not really disabled’. This is how she overcame it.

Nick pursues passions, Paralympics, arts, with Mable's support.

Paralympics, arts and more: How Nick does what he loves with Mable

Nick, 62 years old, has lived with total visual impairment since he was 7 years old. For him, living an active, full life is key. A competitive runner and Paralympian, he has been a member of Achilles Running Club Australia since it started in Sydney in 1996.

7 tips to make travelling easier

Plan for your travel adventure and your disability support needs with these tips and tricks. You can also book independent support workers on Mable to accompany and support you.