How to post a job

Posting a job on Mable is a great way to connect with and book Independent Support Workers.

During the booking process on our platform, you may notice some updated language and features to support you in matching the availability of Independent Support Workers. 

Because of these updates, there is extra information displayed in the details of your Mable job postings – all designed to support you in connecting with and booking Independent Support Workers.

Let’s review these updates below.

  • You can select whether to book a “Standard” job or a “Last Minute” job. 
  • You’ll be able to confirm whether support you require is ongoing or once-off
Select job type from Mable menu.
Select the job type
  • For ongoing jobs, “Support Sessions Per Week” and “Estimated Hours Per Week” will explain how many support hours have been booked, split across the number of sessions booked.
Choose support sessions, estimated weekly hours
Choose the amount of support sessions and estimated total hours per week
  • For ongoing jobs you also have the ability to choose whether you’d like support to start ASAP, or from a specified date.

specific starting date
Choose when you would like the support to start

  • We have introduced specific hourly windows for you to request support, so you may nominate your own timing window based on your schedule.
  • For example, you may be unavailable from 12 pm – 2 pm on Fridays, but otherwise, your Fridays are open for receiving support. You may update your Mable listing to reflect this availability.

the days and time window that suit you
Choose the days and time window that suit you

  • If you select the “I’m flexible” option, we’ll mark you as available from 9 am – 5 pm seven days a week. You’ll still have the freedom to adjust your availability however you wish. You may add as many timing windows as you like per day.

flexible option
Choose the flexible option to be marked as available for most days and times.

Every booking made on Mable gives clients an extensive range of safeguards included in Mable’s platform fee, for your peace of mind and assurance. 

If you have any questions regarding booking on Mable, we have an Australian-based Client Support Team here for you.