How to connect with support when Self-Managing a Home Care Package

An older woman walking outdoors with her support worker.

Since February 2017, every person who has been approved for a federal government-funded Home Care Package (HCP) is given the option to ‘self-manage’ it. You get to decide which services you spend your funding on, as long as they are HCP-approved. You also get to choose who delivers the services, such as a traditional aged care agency or independent support workers, like those who offer their services via Mable.

What does self-managing a Home Care Package mean?

Through self-managed HCPs, you can choose your HCP provider (an entity that manages your funding and pays invoices on your behalf for the services you receive) and your support services provider, e.g. independent support workers you connect with via Mable.

It’s important to understand that even though you would be self-managing your team of supports, what services you receive and when you receive them, self-managing does not refer to managing the funds themselves.

This is where a HCP provider who offers genuine self-management comes in. As mentioned above, that’s who ‘hosts’ your package for you. The government continues adding funds to your package throughout the year and beyond, and the HCP provider administers the funds for you. This ensures that all expenses paid are approved within the government’s HCP guidelines.

How do you self-manage a Home Care Package?

You can self-manage your Home Care Package through Mable, and the Mable Team can connect you with our highly recommended HCP provider, HomeMade.

Benefits of self-managing your Home Care Package

By self-managing your own HCP, you benefit from being able to make your own choices. You can select every support worker yourself and even meet them before deciding to engage them. If you want to, you can even find someone who shares your interests, can teach you a new hobby or skill, or speaks your language. And you get to negotiate with a new support worker how much you pay before working with them.

You can make changes to your support schedule according to what’s happening in your life and add new services – such as physiotherapy, podiatry and nursing – as and when you require them.

A big advantage of self-managing your HCP is that more of your package money is spent on actual services, rather than on paying an organisation such as a traditional aged care agency to manage your services. Therefore, you may be able to get more hours of support from the same home care package by self-managing it.

How do I connect with the right supports when self-managing a Home Care Package?

Once you decide on the kind of support you need, such as light housekeeping, social support, or help with medications, meal preparation, showering or mobility, you can search the independent support worker profiles on the Mable website or app. Filter your search criteria to include certain qualifications, the services offered, the geographical location and more.

Once you have a shortlist of people you want to meet, reach out via a message on the website or app, arrange to meet, discuss your needs and make your decision. There is a chat button available on the website and app so that if you have any difficulties, you can simply ask.

You might also want to think about building a support team. Depending on the kind of support services you want — say someone to help you cook and clean, another support worker (perhaps a nurse) to help with medication — you can create a team of support workers to ensure you simplify your support schedule. Find out more about how it can be beneficial to build a team of supports.


This is a question only you and your family can answer. If you are confident in your ability to use the Internet and/or a smartphone app, you will likely be able to manage support needs online. Mable makes it easy by incorporating an enormous amount of functionality in our highly secure digital infrastructure.

You may like to have a close family member help you manage your Mable account, which they can do from wherever they are, even if they don’t live with you.

Mable provides a range of tools to keep everything you need to self-manage your HCP in one place. You can search for, engage and book your support workers, communicate securely via the platform, pay your invoices and store important documentation. You can reach out for assistance and the Mable support team will answer your questions. And your support notes will be stored in your account for you or a designated family member to read.

While self-management can be quite straightforward for many home care package recipients, it may be challenging for others. That said, a recipient’s nominated family member can help with elements that might be difficult.

Self-management means being in control of your support services, i.e. choosing the services and purchases such as medical equipment that you need. It means finding support workers yourself, choosing those you feel comfortable with and who offer the services you require, scheduling your support sessions, organising a replacement if your usual support worker is unwell or having time off, and finding new support workers when your needs change or your usual one/s is no longer available.

Further, you also need to ensure that any support workers who attend to you are fully insured and police checked, for your own wellbeing, peace of mind and safety. And if your care needs increase, you will have to seek advice about applying to have your Home Care Package level upgraded.

When you are a client on the Mable platform, all of the above elements of Home Care Package self-management have been taken into account to ensure a simple, seamless experience. You will never have to feel alone or unsure. The Mable support team is happy to answer any questions you may have at any time.