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The Australian Student And Novice Nurse Association

The Australian Student And Novice Nurse Association

ASANNA is a growing national network, which brings together university students and novice nurses, supporting them through the journey from student to professional. Members include student registered nurses enrolled in an approved nursing degree as well as novice nurses up to five years after graduation.

Mable is partnering with ASANNA to allow working opportunities and experience for the associations members. Mable is a community of local care workers, support workers and nurses offering services directly to clients via the online platform. Workers on Mable can manage their own business, making it easy for university students and nurses who are in the early stages of their careers to work flexible hours and to set their own rates.

ASANNA is all about:

  • The positive growth of future nursing leaders
  • Identification of the needs of students and novice nurses
  • The ability to advocate for change
  • Transformation of culture to one of positivity, engagement and encouragement
  • A sense of self-empowerment and value, facilitating a more robust entry into the workforce
  • Providing a platform for other professional organisations and institutions to interface with the members in a collaborative framework
  • Mentorship to support students and novice nurses through their early nursing career
  • Creating a national network of nursing student and novice nurse representatives
  • Informing student and novice nurses to enable heightened awareness of national issues, national organisations and the opportunities they offer.

ASANNA help nurture their community to be stronger and more self empowered.  They’re creating a positive culture change and shaping the future of nursing.

How do I sign up?

It’s free for eligible members – that is, Australian student and novice registered nurses up to five years out from finishing your degree.

Go to and you can join their discussions on Facebook at or twitter: @AsannaNurses

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