What is Express Pay?

If greater certainty about when you’ll be paid or being paid more quickly helps you, we’ve partnered with PayNow Finance Pty Ltd to offer Express Pay. Express Pay is an optional feature that guarantees your invoice is paid in 3 business days (subject to eligibility). You can access this in your Mable account’s support hours section. A 1.5% administration fee will be applied if you use this option.

For example

A support worker with a rate of $40/hr will pay

10% to Mable = minus $4/hr

and 1.5% to Paynow Finance Pty Ltd = minus $0.60/hr

Final rate = $35.40/hr

If you’re not using Express Pay, when you receive payment depends on your client’s funding source. As most clients are government-funded and payment depends on their funding organisation, payment times can vary. We’ll process your payment when we receive it from the funding source within 1-2 business days and send the funds to you. Mable follows up invoices that aren’t paid under our terms of use.

Express Pay eligibility

Express Pay requests are not automatically approved. Express Pay requests are submitted for review and your request may be declined if it does not meet eligibility criteria. 

PayNow Finance may decline a request for Express Pay where:

  • There is a pattern of non-payment, disputed or delayed payments between a client, their fund manager and support provider.
  • The invoiced value is significantly higher than the usual delivered support for that client or contains a flat rate service that may be disputed by a fund manager.

If an Express Pay request is declined, we will notify you by email, the Express Pay fee will not be charged and the invoiced value will be collected and paid to you under normal Mable terms.

If an issue prevents collection of invoiced amounts, Express Pay may not be available until the issue is resolved. Issues include: 

  • Hourly rates that exceed the maximum that can be charged for a service type under NDIS guidelines
  • Delayed timesheet submissions
  • Availability of funding.

If you think your Express Pay request was declined in error or want more information about why you don’t have access to Express Pay, please contact us.

Why is there a 1.5% charge?

With Express Pay, you receive payment in advance, as though Mable had already received payment from your client’s funding source. Mable then recovers this payment when the invoice is paid. The 1.5% charge covers administration and fraud detection, finance costs and insurance.

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