Express Pay explained

Mable has partnered with PayNow Finance to offer Express Pay.

Express Pay is an optional feature that guarantees invoices are paid in three business days (subject to eligibility), from the moment the Express Pay button is selected. Support workers can select the Express Pay option in the Support hours section of their account when support hours are invoiced.

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Express Pay fee
Declined Express Pay requests
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Express Pay fee

A 1.5% fee applies to Express Pay payments. This is paid in addition to Mable’s usual platform fee.

For example, if you have a rate of $40/hr and chooses to use Express Pay, you will:

  • Pay a 10% platform fee to Mable of $4/hour
  • Pay a 1.5% PayNow Finance administrative fee of $0.60/hour
  • Receive a final rate of $35.40/hour.

With Express Pay, you will receive payment in advance, as though Mable had already received payment from the client’s funding source. Mable then recovers this payment when the invoice is paid. The 1.5% charge covers administration and fraud detection, finance costs, and insurance.


Express Pay requests are not automatically approved. The Express Pay request is submitted for review by PayNow Finance and may be declined if it does not meet eligibility criteria.

To be eligible for Express Pay, your client must be paying by invoice, not credit card, debit card or direct debit.

PayNow Finance may decline a request for Express Pay where:

  • There is a pattern of non-payment from the client
  • There is a pattern of disputed or delayed payments between a client and/or their fund manager and support provider
  • The invoiced value is significantly higher than usual for that client or contains a flat-rate service that a fund manager may dispute.

Declined Express Pay requests

If an Express Pay request is declined, we’ll notify you by email. The Express Pay fee will not be charged and the invoiced value will be collected and paid to you under regular payment terms.

If there’s an issue preventing the collection of invoiced amounts, Express Pay may not be available until the issue is resolved. Issues could include:

  • Hourly rates exceeding the maximum that can be charged for a service type under NDIS guidelines
  • Delayed support notes submission
  • Availability of funding.

If you think your Express Pay request was incorrectly declined or want more information about why you don’t have access to Express Pay, you can fill out the form on our Contact Us page.

If Express Pay is suspended, you will be notified by email.

More payment information for support workers