A support worker’s guide to Mable

Risks of taking your booking away from Mable

Last updated 29 August 2023

We are committed to the safety and wellbeing of the Mable community. 

That’s why we have safeguards for both clients and support workers who work together through Mable.

To ensure clients and workers are safeguarded, they are required to comply with Mable’s Terms of Use when providing or receiving support through Mable.

Breaching these can put clients and workers at risk and have serious consequences.

One such example is taking a booking off Mable, which means having a support session that is not booked through the Mable platform. Mable won’t hesitate to suspend or terminate the profile of a client or worker who breaches the Terms of Use in this manner. 

Safeguards for support workers and clients

Every booking made on Mable gives clients and support workers a range of benefits included in Mable’s platform fee. We call some of these benefits, ‘safeguards’.

Safeguards include:

  • Suite of insurances 
  • Verification processes including identity check, Working With Children Check, Police Check
  • Incidents and complaints management
  • Administration: All your agreements, support notes, invoices, payment records and end-of-year tax statement are securely maintained in your Mable account
  • Our secure platform enables you to handle messaging, bookings and payment processing.

Learn about all the safeguards you receive through Mable. 

Risks of taking your booking off Mable

Taking a booking off Mable means having a support session that has not been booked through the Mable platform.

Taking a booking off Mable would mean: 

  • You will not be protected by insurance
  • You are breaching Mable’s Terms of Use

There may be times when you receive an offer from a client or support worker to work outside the Mable platform.

They might mention doing this helps both of you avoid Mable’s platform fees.

Safeguards are critical if something goes wrong while you receive or provide support, and it’s important to remember you only receive access to Mable safeguards for bookings made through the platform.

Examples of problematic situations include:

  • Receiving an offer that seems too good to be true. This might involve agreeing on a discounted rate in return for moving the booking away from Mable or agreeing on cash payments from a Mable booking.
  • Being offered a discounted rate with cash payment in return for cancelling your Mable booking. They may mention doing this helps both of you avoid Mable’s platform fees, while you still receive or provide support.
  • A worker offering to provide support when their worker profile does not mention the qualifications they need to support you.

Taking a booking away from Mable: what to do

If you receive an offer to take your booking away from Mable, you can respectfully decline. 

For example, ‘Thanks, but I’d rather keep the booking on Mable please, so I know we’re covered by insurance arranged by Mable.’

We monitor the platform to keep our community safe and take appropriate action, including suspending or terminating someone’s profile if there is a safety risk. 

If someone asks you to communicate or book away from Mable, please contact us and we can investigate.
If you are unsure how to handle receiving these offers, get in touch via the website or call us on 1300 73 65 73 and we can help you.

No. Our comprehensive insurance is included in your Mable platform fee and there is no extra charge passed onto clients or support workers by Mable when booking support sessions via the Mable platform.

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