How do I get clients?

Your Mable Profile photo

When clients Mable are looking for a care worker, they scroll through lots of profiles. Much of their decision to choose a shortlist of candidates is based on the photo supplied by the care worker. So, it’s a no-brainer that having a great photo should be the number one thing you should get right when marketing your care service on the Mable platform.

To change your photo once you are already approved, please send an email to with the photo attached, and we will upload this on your behalf.

Your Mable bio
Your bio sits directly underneath your profile photo – your bio gives you the opportunity to provide a more detailed description about you and your motivations to provide care and support to others. Take a moment to edit your About section, so clients can get to know you better. Also, ensure that you check the spelling and grammar. You can continue reading about how to write a good (concise) bio here.
To change your bio once you are already approved please send an email to with the proposed changes, and we will update this on your behalf.
Improve your availability
Your availability by suburb is an important aspect of your profile as it is a client’s first search filter. Make sure you have added all suburb locations where you would like to work. Please note, the more locations entered increases the likelihood of you gaining clients. Continue reading here.
As you are using the Mable platform, you are backed by a nationally recognised brand, which gives you instant credibility. Take advantage of this brand awareness to promote your services.

Speak up!
Make sure you tell people what you do and ask your friends, family, church members, sporting mates, in fact anybody you meet if they know anyone who needs care. Get the word out. Everybody knows someone who needs care – but you have to ask them to refer you Mable can also supply you with a digital copy of print-ready personalised business cards and flyers (at no charge). These are available to download straight from your profile! All you need to do is log into your profile and click ‘account.’ You will see an option to select ‘business cards and flyer.’ From there, you can download a digital copy of files so you can get them printed to support your efforts. Continue reading here.
Get social
Advertise your services on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter – let your friends and followers know what you do and that you are available for hire. Continue reading here.
Ask around
Aside from the referrals you will get from Mable, the number one area you will receive referrals is from your existing or former clients. Ask them if they know anyone who needs care and to refer them to you.
Seek testimonials
Ask your clients if they would mind providing you with a testimonial – these can be shown to potential clients and published on your Mable profile.
Visit your local health and community service organisations – they would love to know that you are available, and that it is easy to contact you via the Mable website.
Here are some ideas for places to visit – you’ll find many of the addresses and phone numbers in your local council’s seniors services guide
• Public and Private hospitals – ask for the discharge nurse, social workers or aged care team
• Nursing homes
• Hospices
• Rehabilitation centres
• Day centres for seniors
• Senior citizens centers
• Retirement Villages
• Carelink and Carer Respite Centres
• Churches
• Meals on Wheels
• Health professionals such as GPs, physiotherapists, optometrists, pharmacists
• District nursing services
• Multicultural groups
• RSL Clubs
• Carer support groups – such as those run by Alzheimer’s Australia
• Financial and legal service providers
• Service clubs: Rotary, Lions, Probus etc
Don’t forget to leave your Mable business card, and ask if you can leave Mable brochures in their office. Be sure to thank them for any referrals they send your way.
Other ideas to attract more clients
• Exceed your clients’ expectations and ask them to provide feedback on your profile
• Build a richer Mable profile about you – make sure to include your interests!
• Build your credentials by undertaking additional training and courses. Many courses can be taken online. Consider undertaking a Certificate 3 or 4 in aged care or disability services.
• Expand the suburbs or areas you work in or expand the services you offer.
• Consider reducing your rate while you build your business reputation.