How do support workers find clients?

A young girl with Down syndrome looking at a laptop with her support worker.

When you register as an independent support worker on Mable, you have access to all the benefits and safeguards you need to start providing support. The first step to doing that is, of course, to start connecting with clients.

Start off by creating a great profile on the platform for yourself; it is the best way to attract clients in your local area. This includes:

  • Writing a good (concise) bio
  • Ensuring you have a photo to go along with your profile
  • Clearly specifying your skills, qualifications, experience, hobbies and interests (clients on Mable very often seek support workers that have interests similar to their own, such as playing the guitar)
  • Adding any relevant information that a client might find useful, such as shift availability, services you offer, immunisation status, whether you have a valid driver’s licence, language you are fluent in, etc.

Building your client base

Talk about your work

A great starting point for building your customer base is to let past or current clients know that you’re on the lookout for new opportunities as a sole trader and that they can find you on Mable. Word of mouth is an incredible marketing tool.

Connect with family and friends, neighbours and community members, as well, and let them know that you’re working as an independent support worker on Mable. Be sure to give them reasons to recommend you, by talking knowledgeably and enthusiastically about your area of work, your values and your goals.

Distribute your business cards

Through your Mable account, you can download a digital copy of your print-ready personalised business cards and flyers (at no charge). Once your profile is approved, all you need to do is log into your Mable account, click ‘account’ and you will see an option to download your ‘business cards and flyers.’

Distribute copies of your business card, and encourage them to share with anyone who might be looking for aged care or disability support.

Tap into your local support worker network

You can also join the Mable Support Workers Facebook group (for approved support workers only) to share information, ask questions and find opportunities to ‘buddy’ up with other independent workers.

It’s also worth getting to know other support workers in your local area — if a client’s needs don’t quite mesh with their skills or availability, they may be happy to refer you to them. Make sure you return the favour, when you can.

Ask for testimonials

Ask your happy Mable clients for a testimonial that you can share via your profile. The more the testimonials, the higher your credibility as a support worker on Mable.

Mable Last Minute

A great way to find new clients on Mable, Mable Last Minute enables customers to find and connect with Independent Support Workers for a session between 4-48 hours away. It could be that their regular support worker became unavailable for a shift or the customer may have been invited to a last minute event or had a medical appointment brought forward.

Last Minute jobs may be once-offs, but can easily result in gaining a new, ongoing client.

Start building your business on Mable today.


Clients registered on Mable submit job posts on the platform seeking support. If you’re an approved independent support worker on Mable, all you have to do is log into your Mable account and click the ‘Search’ tab under ‘Jobs’ on your profile. Here, you can start off by choosing where you would like to work, what kind of support you want to provide and what days you are available.

Your client base can snowball rapidly, as your visibility and reputation grows. As always, the key is making sure that how you present yourself online and in person, is consistent with the reputation you have or want as a support worker. Here are some key tips on building a great client base on Mable.