How do I become an aged care worker or disability support worker?

A woman and her supporter worker look at a laptop together.

As per the NDIS Commission, an NDIS disability support worker is anyone engaged to provide support and services to people with disability. An aged care support worker provides support to older people for daily activities and personal tasks, such as meal preparation, personal care, cleaning services, and even social support. An aged care worker can work in their client’s home or a residential care facility.

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NDIS support worker job description

They can provide a range of support services including assistance with domestic duties, community participation as well as providing companionship and assisting clients to develop their skills, abilities and confidence.

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Aged care support worker job description

Aged care support workers provide services to older clients that include providing personal care (for eg. help with showering and dressing), travel support, meal preparation, community participation, etc.

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How do I become an aged care or disability support worker in Australia?

If you have a passion for making a positive difference to the lives of people with a disability and helping people to achieve their full potential, you might make a great support worker.

It is possible to work as a support worker without formal qualifications. However, being a support worker requires substantial skill. It is important to have the right outlook, an understanding of the role and some basic skills to draw on.

You can work as an independent support worker through Mable by registering on the platform. To join Mable, there are minimum requirements you need to complete, such as police checks, reference checks, and qualifications if providing certain services. Learn more about requirements on the Mable website.

As an independent support worker working through Mable, you have flexibility to run your own small business by choosing who you work with, the hours you work, what you charge for your services and importantly, you have the opportunity to create meaningful relationships with your clients.

Other benefits include access to free self-directed training on the Mable Learning Hub, and for bookings made through Mable, a suite of insurances are arranged on your behalf. Find out more about the benefits of joining Mable as a support worker.

Being a support worker can be a highly rewarding yet challenging career choice. To be a good support worker, a passion and dedication to maximising the quality of life of those receiving your support is essential. Personal qualities like respect, honesty, flexibility and communication skills give support workers a well-rounded base to connect with clients.

If you want to provide more complex supports, such as personal care, you may require a relevant vocational qualification such as a Certificate III in Individual Support (CHC33015).

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What do I need to become a support worker with Mable?

To sign up and create a support worker account on Mable, you will need the following:

If you’ve set up your account correctly, it will be submitted for approval to our team.

If you’re planning on providing Personal Care, Nursing or other Allied Health Services read more about the qualifications you will need.


Not every job will require you to have prior experience as a disability support worker. If you don’t have any, you can add to your profile by completing certifications or by volunteering. Some jobs may prioritise willingness to work with people with disability over experience. On Mable, you can provide support services without needing prior experience, as long as you complete the minimum requirements for joining the platform.

Working as an independent support worker on Mable offers many benefits. On Mable, you get to choose the hours you work, choose the clients you work with, choose how much you charge for your services. Importantly, you have the opportunity to create long-term relationships with the clients you connect with through Mable.