A guide to NDIS self-management and how Mable can work for you

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A self-managed NDIS plan means you can have complete choice and control of your supports. In this guide, we will explain how NDIS self-management works and how you can find support on your own terms through Mable.

What is a self-managed NDIS plan?

Self-managing your plan is where you choose the supports to meet your support and lifestyle goals. According to the NDIA, by self-managing a plan, you have choice, flexibility and capacity to connect with support directly. You also have the ability to negotiate costs of support and can experience the freedom of control. Here at Mable, we ensure that everyone seeking support experiences these benefits – not just those with a self-managed NDIS plan.

How does self-management work?

With NDIS self-management, the NDIA will provide the funds for the supports you self-schedule and organise. The way in which these funds are provided to you will differ depending on your plan and preferences.

Self-managed participants can connect directly with independent support workers, schedule support sessions, organise meet and greets with workers and pay for supports — essentially, they can book and manage their support entirely through Mable.

What kind of funding comes with a self-managed plan?

With a self-managed plan, people with disability might receive up to three types of support budgets: core budget, capacity building budget, and capital budget.

  • Your core budget would cover assistance with daily living, social and community participation, transport or consumables (these include everyday items you may need)
  • Your capacity building budget would cover living arrangement costs, employment-related support, training, wellbeing and health costs and more
  • Your capital budget would cover the costs of any assistive technologies or home modifications you might purchase

How does Mable fit in with an NDIS self-managed plan?

When self-managing, you get to choose who supports you. Through Mable, you can connect with independent support workers in your local community. Each worker on Mable is an independent contractor or sole trader and is verified by the Mable Team to ensure both the client and their support worker is safeguarded. This includes checks such as the NDIS Worker Screening Check, Working with Children Check, etc.

Find more information on payments and how they’re processed on Mable when you have a self-managed NDIS plan.

We hope you found this NDIS self management guide helpful. If you’re ready to experience the choice, flexibility and control that comes with self-managing an NDIS plan, sign up on Mable today to get started.