When and how to ask for an NDIS plan reassessment?

A man using a wheelchair talking with his support worker.

An NDIS plan reassessment can be requested at any time during the life of a plan. It is very important to inform the NDIS about any significant changes that have occurred or that are likely to occur in the near future, as they might affect your eligibility for the NDIS, your status as a participant or your funded plan. Similarly if the plan is for a child, any changes in the family’s circumstances can impact the situation surrounding the child’s plan.

Changes that can affect your NDIS plan

There are changes in your circumstances that would fall into the ‘I need to inform the NDIS’ criteria.

For example:

  • Your contact details have changed
  • You have had an exacerbation of your disability and your support needs have changed
  • You may have experienced a decrease in your support needs
  • The informal supports you have been relying on have changed
  • Your living situation has or will change
  • Your work situation has or will change
  • You have received a compensation payout.

Some changes may be temporary and others may be permanent and some may trigger a new plan and others will require a simple plan variation. The NDIS will inform you as to whether the change is significant enough to warrant a full plan reassessment.

Changes don’t always mean the NDIA will conduct a plan review. Explore this article to understand when NDIS plans are reviewed. You can also learn more about how to request a review of your NDIS plans, should the situation arise.

For a full list of changes that need to be reported to the NDIS, visit the NDIS website.

Scheduled review versus unscheduled review

A participant or their plan nominee can request for a review of their NDIS plan at any time according to Section 48 (1) of the NDIS Act. When the participant requests the NDIS for a plan review because their circumstances have changed, the NDIA may decide to conduct an unscheduled plan review.

Contrarily, a scheduled plan review takes place when the NDIA reviews a participant’s plan as part of the normal planning cycle.

It’s important to note that the participant can’t request for an unscheduled review when their statement of participant of supports has been suspended. The NDIA might suspend a plan after:

  • You’re outside Australia for more than six weeks, unless the NDIA gives you more time
  • You don’t claim compensation you’re entitled to after the NDIA asks you to, for example after you’ve sustained an injury.

Find out more about why your plan might be suspended on the NDIS website.

How to inform the NDIS

There are a number of ways to inform the NDIS:

  1. Complete a ‘change of circumstance’ form, which can be found on the NDIS website at the link below.
  2. Email this form to: enquiries@ndis.gov.au
  3. Mail the form to: NDIA, GPO Box 700, Canberra ACT 2601
  4. Call the 1800 800 110 hotline
  5. Ring and speak to your LAC or an LAC office
  6. Visit your local NDIS office.