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Can I use my NDIS or other disability funding to pay for a support worker I find on Mable?

This depends on the type of disability funding that you have, and how it is managed:
Self-managed or plan-managed funding
Mable is not yet registered with the NDIS. However, if you are self-managing or plan-managing your NDIS funds through a provider, you can still use your funds to hire a support worker directly using the Mable platform.
After each session is completed, the care worker will submit an online timesheet with shift notes, which is sent to you for approval. Records of all timesheets, including the care worker’s name, date, start and end times, and cost, are available online.
Once the timesheets have been approved, the platform accepts a range of payment methods that allow you to fulfil your reporting obligations for self-management:

  • Direct debit: We can set up direct debit payments on your nominated account so that payments are processed automatically after you approve the care worker’s timesheets. If you choose to pay by direct debit, Mable can issue receipts for the amount debited. If you would like to use this method, please complete and upload a direct debit authority form, which can be found in the Payment Details section of your profile.
  • Invoice: The Mable platform is able to generate invoices on behalf of the support worker using their ABN. These invoices can be issued directly to you for payment by electronic funds transfer. If you would like to use this method, please contact us to set it up. You will need to provide documentation showing that you receive government funding that is self-managed, and all invoices will need to be paid within 7 days.

If your funding allows, you can also pay by credit card or debit card. In all cases, invoices and/or receipts are issued for reporting purposes.
Self-directed funding through a Financial Intermediary
If you are responsible for managing your own disability funding through a Financial Intermediary, you are able to use the Mable platform to find and hire support workers. Once you have approved the timesheet, payment can be made via:

  • Invoice:  The Mable platform is able to generate invoices on behalf of the support worker using their ABN. These invoices can be issued directly to you, which you can forward to the Financial Intermediary for payment. Alternatively, invoices can be issued directly to the Financial Intermediary with a copy to you. If you would like to use this method we will need confirmation from the Financial Intermediary that they agree to this payment arrangement.

Funding managed by a Provider Organisation
If your funding is managed by a Provider Organisation you may be able to use the Mable platform, but you will need to confirm this with the provider. We have been able to set up arrangements with many providers that allow their clients to use the platform independently, or with assistance from a case manager or client advisor.
If you would like to find out whether we already work with your provider, please contact us. If we don’t already work with them, we would be happy to talk with your case manager or coordinator to see if an arrangement can be set up.
To find out more about using your NDIS funding to hire a support worker on Mable you can call 1300 73 65 73, or visit our NDIS information centre.

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