Use Mable to get home cleaning services under your Home Care Package

A happy grandmother with an adult granddaughter at home, washing the dishes.

Home cleaning services can play a key role in taking the stress out of managing a home, especially if you’re finding that you need a bit more support with everyday tasks. Finding in-home support, such as house cleaning, is much easier than you think. All you have to do is sign up on Mable and you can book independent support workers on Mable for home cleaning services.

While you can pay privately for support workers, if you have a home care package, you can use your funding with Mable to help you receive cost-effective support to get house cleaning services for your home.

How can I find a support worker on Mable for house cleaning services near me?

With more than 11,000 independent support workers who are part of the Mable community, booking a support worker for house cleaning is as easy as searching in your area or posting a job on Mable. You don’t have to create an account to discover support workers near you, but you will have to create an account on Mable to get in touch with them.

By booking and managing support through Mable:

  • You have choice and control over who supports you, when and where they support you, and how much you pay for the support
  • You’re safeguarded by Mable’s verification and the high-level suite of insurances arranged by Mable on behalf of support workers

If you’re already receiving support from a person within your community, you can get them to sign up on Mable as part of your support team. They might be your neighbour, a friend or even your existing professional cleaner. Learn more about how they can sign up to Mable and become a support worker.

How to organise a support session

Once they have joined Mable, the support worker will need to create a service agreement for you to review and approve. Agreements are created on the Mable platform and help provide you and your support worker clarity about your support, including your agreed hourly rate, the time and date of the sessions and what type of support you will receive. It’s important that you have an approved service agreement in place before starting any support sessions, to ensure insurance coverage is provided.

Once the agreement has been approved, you can manage your support sessions and payments through Mable. Once you’ve created your own account on Mable  and connected with an independent support worker via the Mable platform, you can begin organising your first support session with an agreement.

After a support session is complete, your support worker will submit a timesheet for you to approve. The payment for your support worker will be processed after you approve the timesheet.

House cleaning services you can receive from a support worker on Mable

Domestic assistance can cover many aspects of maintaining your home environment. Support workers on Mable can help you feel organised with a range of cleaning methods, including:

  • dusting, vacuuming and mopping,
  • kitchen maintenance such as tidying, cleaning dishes and wiping surfaces,
  • the bigger deep cleaning jobs, such as cleaning your oven and fridge,
  • end of lease cleaning service,
  • bathroom cleaning such as toilets and showers,
  • outdoor maintenance such as removing weeds, gardening and cleaning outdoor surfaces.

Whatever type of cleaning support you may need, you can communicate these in your job post, or directly to support workers on Mable through the platform. These services will also need to be included in your agreement with your worker or workers.

Using your funding with Mable for house cleaning services

If you’re not receiving funding for aged care or you’re waiting for a home care package, you can pay privately for any support you receive via Mable. If you are receiving a home care package, you can use this funding to get more hours of support.

Sign up on Mable to search for support workers today.