I’m not eligible for a Home Care Package, what can I do?

A support worker and her aged care client talking together.

Eligibility for a Home Care Package (HCP) is based on a person’s care needs and is determined by an Aged Care Assessment Test (ACAT). After meeting the eligibility criteria for an ACAT assessment, if the assessor decides you only need a low level of support – perhaps only one or two services – you may not be deemed eligible for a Home Care Package, but you may be suited for help at home through the Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP).

Eligibility criteria for an ACAT assessment includes:

  • Being more than 65 years of age (50+ for Torres Strait Islander/Aboriginal people)
  • Your level of independence to go about daily activities such as personal care, eating, dressing, etc.

How do I know I’m ineligible for a Home Care Package?

If you’re not found eligible to receive a home care package, you will receive a letter explaining why and who to contact for more help. You may be eligible for other care services and, if so, this information will be included with your letter.

If your care needs change at any time, you can request a new ACAT assessment by contacting MyAgedCare. If you don’t receive an approval letter explaining your assessment outcome, call MyAgedCare on 1800 200 422 and request a copy.

Can I make a complaint or appeal the decision?

Yes, you can. If you have concerns:

  • Call your ACAT assessor to talk through your concerns and request their help
  • If you can’t resolve your complaint with your assessor, you can ask to escalate the matter to the state or territory government department manager
  • If you still can’t resolve the matter, you can write to the Secretary of the Department of Health within 28 days of receiving your letter from the ACAT.

What support is available?

Entry level of support for one or two services, including help with shopping and meals, can be received through the CHSP. A CHSP assessment is conducted by a regional assessment team.

With time, however, you may likely need increased levels of support and may become eligible for a home care package. There are four levels of HCPs that range from basic care needs to complex care needs.

Alternatively, you can connect with independent support workers through Mable and pay privately for the services you need.

Finding support through Mable

Even without a package, people looking for aged care can directly engage with a variety of independent support workers on the Mable platform.

The community of support workers on Mable provides affordable aged care. They are thoroughly checked and are only able to provide support once they are approved under the strict processes. You can find out more about the approval process.

The Mable platform is designed to provide clients with as much choice, personalisation and independence as possible by allowing clients to post jobs, select support workers and negotiate payments.

Privately paying for your support means you can access the independence that some service providers may not offer. If you’re looking for an alternative support option while you wait for a HCP or are considering a different support system, Mable’s flexibility and affordability can help you regain that independence.