Use Mable to pay privately while waiting for a Home Care Package

Senior woman receiving assistance from support worker at home

Most people want nothing more than to maintain their independence – even if they need some support. Unfortunately, Home Care Packages (HCP) are a long-awaited source of support funding that has thousands left wondering when they will receive it. As an alternative, many elderly Australians are self-funding their support through options like Mable.

The Department of Health states the average waiting time for a home care package to be approved can last as long as six months to a year depending on the level of the package in question.

For those wanting to live independently for as long as possible, home care packages are integral to allowing choice, freedom and autonomy through financial funding. But for those who are searching for support in the interim or are looking for reliable long-term support, there are options:

What to do while you wait for your Home Care Package

If you’re currently in the queue for a home care package, privately paying for your support may be an inevitable option – but it doesn’t have to be expensive. In an article by The Sydney Morning Herald, Mable was mentioned as an affordable option for those looking to self-manage their support and home care packages. Even without a package, people looking for aged care can directly engage with a variety of independent support workers on the Mable platform.

The community of support workers on Mable provide aged care and over 50% of the support workers on Mable have experience in aged care and dementia support. These support workers are thoroughly checked and are only able to provide support once they are approved under the strict processes followed by the Mable Team based in Sydney. You can find out more about the approval process here.

The platform is designed to provide clients with as much choice, personalisation and independence as possible by allowing clients to post jobs, select support workers and negotiate payments.

When your home care package funding becomes available and you’ve found an Approved Provider to host your package with, you can simply let Mable know by updating your account and payment details.

Satish: a privately paying aged care client

Satish, a client using the Mable platform, chose to bypass the year-long delay that came with waiting for a home care package and utilised a traditional provider for his support needs. As he was paying privately, the bills started to add up with Satish’s service provider. He soon discovered Mable could meet his support needs and he could build a team around him.

For Satish, Mable provided the same level of care at a much lower cost. It also gave him the independence to choose his own workers and nursing staff and build lasting relationships with his dedicated support workers.

Privately paying for your support means you can access the independence that some service providers may not offer. If you’re looking for an alternative support option while you wait for a HCP or are considering a different support system, Mable’s flexibility and affordability can help you regain that independence.

Mable can provide you unique support whether you’re home care package funded, on the home care package waiting list or are looking to pay privately. Start searching today.