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Home Care Package

You’re on a waitlist for a Home Care Package – now what?

Last updated 20 June 2022

Congratulations! You have met the eligibility requirements of a home care package to secure a spot on the Home Care Package (HCP) waiting list.

Typically, there is a long wait for approvals for the packages – as long as six months to a year, depending on the package level approved. 

As of 31 December 2021, 217,724 people had access to a Home Care Package, with 40 percent of those receiving a Level 2 package. The Home Care Package program provides funding at four levels of care, ranging from low-level care needs (Level 1) to high-level care needs (Level 4). The services provided under the packages are tailored to the individual’s needs. Find out more about the different levels of a home care package.

In the interim, you may be eligible for entry-level support services to live independently and safely at home, through the Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP). Alternatively, you can connect with Independent Support Workers through Mably and pay privately till you receive your allocated home care package.

Find out below what options are available to you as you wait for your home care package to kick in. 

What to do while you wait for your Home Care Package

Pay privately for support through Mable

If you’re currently in the queue for a Home Care Package, paying privately for your support may be an inevitable option, but it doesn’t have to be expensive. Even without a package, people looking for aged care support services can connect directly with a variety of independent support workers on the Mable platform.

Through Mable, you can connect with independent support workers who are experienced in aged care and dementia support and negotiate directly with them to choose when and where you want to receive support, and how much you want to pay for it. There are rigorous checks in place to ensure they are only permitted to provide support once they are approved under the strict processes followed by Mable. Find out what safeguards Mable has in place.

With average rates for independent support workers on the Mable platform between $38 and $48 an hour, it’s an affordable solution. Given that you’re likely to be paying out of pocket while you’re waiting for your Home Care Package to become available, it’s important to make sure your money is going a long way. Want to compare home care package costs with private costs? Explore this article on home care package fees and charges.

When your Home Care Package funding becomes available and you’ve found an Approved Provider to host your package, you can simply let Mable know by updating your account and payment details.

The platform is designed to provide clients with as much choice, personalisation and independence as possible by allowing clients to post jobs, select their preferred support workers and negotiate payments.

Find a home care package provider

You don’t have to wait till you receive your funding to find a home care package provider. You can start looking for a Home Care Package provider any time you like, even before you are approved for a Home Care Package. That way, you have plenty of time to learn about how they operate and compare the costs. When your package is approved, you’ll be ready to sign up and begin.

Find out how to choose a home care package provider, questions to ask them and how you can self-manage your home care package through your existing provider.

How Mable clients self-manage their aged care support needs

Two Mable clients, Isabel and Manuel, both receive Home Care Package funding and self-manage their support. Before signing up to Mable, they had been cared for by more than 100 different support workers through a previous provider. Today, they get 37 hours of support a week from a team of four independent support workers they connected with via Mable.

Satish is a privately paying aged care client who uses the Mable platform. He chose to bypass the year-long delay that came with waiting for a Home Care Package and utilised a traditional provider for his support needs. As he was paying privately, the bills started to add up with Satish’s service provider. He soon discovered Mable could meet his support needs at a much lower cost and he could build a support team around him.

Mable gave Satish the independence to choose his own workers and nursing staff and the opportunity to build lasting relationships with his dedicated support workers.

Privately paying for your support means you can enjoy the autonomy (your choice and control) that some service providers may not offer. If you’re looking for an alternative support option while you wait for your Home Care Package, or if you’re considering a different support system, Mable’s flexibility and affordability can help you regain your independence.

Mable can provide you with unique support whether you’re Home Care Package funded, on the Home Care Package waiting list or looking to pay privately. Start searching today.


The basic daily fee, payable by you, gets added to the government subsidy to boost the funds available in your HCP budget. Not all providers will ask you to pay the basic daily fee but it will mean you have less funds in your budget to pay for the services you need. It’s important that when deciding on a provider, you are satisfied with whether you pay or don’t pay the basic daily fee. Learn more about home care package fees and charges.

Simply put, there are more Australians than ever who want to explore the option of living at home for as long as possible, which has led to a sharp increase in the demand for home care packages. The development, exacerbated by acute workforce shortages and complexities in the way the home care package program funding works, is causing delay in HCPs being released. However, the government released 40,000 packages in 2021-22, and plans to release another 40,000 packages over 2022-23, which will hopefully shorten wait times.

Unfortunately, no. With current and upcoming reforms to the aged care sector, it’s hoped that the wait times for a home care package will be reduced, but there’s no way for an applicant to speed up the process.

What you can do, in the meantime, is start searching for a home care service provider, so that when you’re allocated a home care package, you can begin using your funding right away. 


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