Mable Community Grants

Established in 2019, the Mable Community Grants are a philanthropic initiative to fund people and projects that promote inclusion and independence for people with disability and older Australians.

Through our community grants program to date, we have gifted 15 grants worth approximately $170,000.

We are currently reviewing how the grants operate, and we look forward to launching our new grants program in 2024.


Our purpose

At Mable, we are dedicated to breaking down the barriers for older Australians and people with disability to social and workforce participation. We advocate for a society that sees people of all ages, demographics, and abilities have the opportunity to live a life of their choosing and discover meaning, purpose and belonging.

Through our Mable Community Grants, we reward like-minded changemakers who are having a positive impact on their community.

The Mable Community Grants Selection Committee

The Mable Community Grants Selection Committee comprises individuals with lived experience in disability or who are older Australians and are active members of the Mable Community. They are responsible for collectively determining the grant recipients based on their own individual understanding of the community’s needs.

By having this committee represent the views and needs of our community, our aim is to ensure each grant project will create or provide opportunities for inclusion and independence for people with disability and older people.

Previous winners

Carol Taylor Designs: the world’s first quadriplegic fashion designer

Carol Taylor was invited by the Director of the 2019 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Festival Brisbane to design a collection to open a runway event.

Carol Taylor poses for a photo at an event. She's wearing a black gown with a pink flower pinned on her right shoulder. She has straight blonde hair that sits just past her shoulders.

Ingerlise Svaleng, 21 Gifts

"With the help of the Mable Community Grant, I am developing a health professional resource to rewrite the opening act of a child disability story into one of hope, celebration and a focus on opportunities."

No Distinguishing Features

To kick off Mable Community Grants our inaugural funding went to ‘No Distinguishing Features’, a documentary that tells the experiences of six people with disability living in Australia and New Zealand.

Judith Geppert sits in her wheelchair, laughing, as people lift her up. She has short brown hair and round glasses. She's wearing a blue t-shirt and white shorts.

Hamish Gibbs Ludbrook, NDF

"We’re so thankful to have received the grant from the Mable Community Grants which allowed us the resource to create this documentary and give these incredible peoples’ stories the time and detail they deserve."

My Dementia Companion: Personalised, practical Dementia support

My Dementia Companion is a free, world-first smart assistant that empowers people impacted by dementia to live well.

An image of a computer desktop which is showing the homepage of My Dementia Companion.

Mable Community Grants 2024

We are reworking our Mable Community Grants program and will have more to say on how the new program will work in 2024.

How to apply

The Mable Community Grants applications open in November each year and applications can be made by an individual, group or business. Please see the Grant Guidelines below for more information. Applicants are required to complete the application form in full and are requested to provide relevant evidence and consideration of how the grant will be spent.

Online application

Applications for the 2023 Mable Community Grants closed on 31 January 2023. They will open again for 2024 in November.

Review Terms and Conditions

Ensure you review the terms and conditions to see if your project or idea qualifies for a grant.

Include all necessary information

Provide all required documents for your best chance of success.

Frequently Asked Questions

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