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Every day, the Mable community of clients grows – but are you reaching them? If you’re an independent worker on the platform and would like to connect with more clients, it’s important to think about where you’re providing your services.

At Mable, we want each client to have access to multiple support options. That’s why every support worker has their own personal profile which includes details on availability, support services, qualifications, and a brief personal description.

If you want to become visible to more clients or want more notifications about jobs you might be suitable for, you might want to check how many work locations you added when you created your Mable profile.

To check your work locations, simply log on to your account. You’ll find the “Work Locations” panel and map on the bottom left of your profile.

Why can’t I see any job posts from clients?

If you aren’t receiving many notifications from Mable about nearby clients’ job posts, there’s a good chance you have added very few work locations to your profile. If you haven’t added a particular suburb to your work locations, you won’t receive job posts from clients in that suburb.

How do I add more work locations?

Easily done!

  1. Log on to your Mable profile and visit your profile by selecting “Profile” in your dashboard.
  2. Scroll down to “Work Locations” and select “Edit”.
  3. Enter a suburb name or postcode that you’re willing to work in and select “Add”.
  4. Once you’ve added the desired suburbs, scroll down and select “Save and Continue”.

If you haven’t completed other parts of your profile, you might be redirected to continue editing it. You can always select “Profile” in your dashboard to see the changes you’ve made.

Should I add all surrounding suburbs if I live in a metropolitan area?

Absolutely! But only if you’re willing to work there. If you live in a metropolitan area like a city or large town, adding each surrounding suburb will allow you to receive notifications about all nearby clients’ job posts. Remember – it’s still important to only add work locations that you’re comfortable travelling to.

What if I live in a rural or regional area?

If you’re a support worker based in a rural or regional area, you may have to extend your reach a little further to increase your work opportunities. If Mable is still growing in your area, think about those that might be looking for personalised, flexible support in your local community and invite them to sign up!

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