The top 15 activities you can do via video chat

A woman FaceTiming someone.

We’ve been really heartened to see so many of you already enjoying support sessions over Mable’s video chat. The feeling of social isolation can be eased when there’s a friendly face and voice ready to bring a little sunshine into your day. We’re hearing it’s doing a world of good for Mable clients and the feedback has been extremely positive.

Here are 15 different ways Mable’s video chat system is being used or can be used:

  1. Daily check-ins – It’s so important to touch base regularly. For some of you, having that support person connect with you as often as daily sets a happy tone for the rest of the day. Social connection is vital for us all to feel a part of our wider community.
  2. Exercising – Some clients have been having a great time following exercise instructions via video. Think Jane Fonda’s workout videos, but to your capabilities and with your support person showing you what to do.
  3. Games and puzzles – We’ve heard there have been a few hearty Battleship games played over our video system! Also, Hangman and Noughts and Crosses. Some have tried doing crossword puzzles together too, exchanging clues and answers. Guessing games are also fun.
  4. Art challenge – Your support person might set a task to draw or paint something in particular for you to work on until your next session.
  5. Reading – For those whose eyesight isn’t what it used to be, having the newspaper, a book or even a celebrity magazine read to you can be a wonderful thing.
  6. Play an instrument – It doesn’t matter who plays and who listens, what a lovely way to calm the mind and enjoy some beautiful music.
  7. Sing together – Put on some music and have a good old sing-along together.
  8. One-on-one book club – Choose a book to read over say, a week, and when you have both read it, review it together in one of your sessions.
  9. Instruction – One person teaches the other person a skill. It could be knitting, crocheting, model aeroplane building, plant potting, calligraphy, a magic trick or even how to do some clever things on an iPad.
  10. Eat a meal together – Plan your session for mealtime and sit down with your support person via video for a chat. It’s a great way to have company while you eat and you can discuss the events of the day.
  11. Swap jokes – See who can come up with the best one-liner or Dad joke.
  12. Laugh out loud – Laughter support groups exist all over the world to help lower people’s blood pressure, reduce pain, expand the lungs and boost the immune system. All it takes is simply to start. Begin with a smile, then a giggle and before you know it, you’ll be laughing together and everything will seem funny!
  13. Daydream about travel – Plan a trip that you would take if money was no object, airlines were back to normal and you could pick anywhere in the world.
  14. Share family photos – Pull out your albums and frames and show off who’s who in your family. No doubt there’ll be a few funny stories in there.
  15. Learn a free digital course together – Selmar offers free digital courses in the disability/aged care sector.

Remember, some of these sessions can just as easily be done over the phone too!

Ideas for indirect support

With so many restrictions on people going into others’ homes, it’s important to know that there are ways you can receive support, even if you are not willing to have someone enter your home.

  1. Meals – Your support person can prepare your meals in individual serves and leave them at the front door for you. They can be frozen, refrigerated, ready to eat or provided in ready-to-assemble form.
  2. Shopping – Have your support person pick up some groceries or prescriptions for you and leave them at the front door.
  3. Pet care – Feeding your cat, walking your dog, taking pets to the vet or grooming them are all services you can find on Mable.
  4. ‘Outside’ visits – There are plenty of Mable clients enjoying social engagement visits from support people without even being in the same room! You sit on your porch or at your back or front door and your support person will sit on a seat a few metres away. Chat to your hearts’ content.
  5. Garden care – Sit on your deck and watch your support person weeding your garden, mowing the lawn, trimming the edges and watering your flowers.