It’s a great time to be an independent support worker on Mable

A support worker and a young girl with Down syndrome play together.

With thousands of jobs being posted every week from people seeking care and support on Mable, there has never been a better time to start engaging as a support worker.

The care and support sector has become the largest and fastest-growing in Australia, as the demand for high-quality aged care and disability support continues to rise – and shows no signs of slowing.

This demand is being reflected in the number of jobs being posted daily on the platform by Mable customers for Independent Support Workers on the platform.

As an independent support worker on Mable, you run your own small business, which means you’re a sole trader, and therefore in full control of how much you work. The benefit of being self-employed is that support workers have the freedom to choose the clients they work with, the hours they work and the opportunity to negotiate rates for their support services. Learn about the other benefits and safeguards you have access to as a support worker on the platform.

Interestingly, the greatest demand for support services listed through Mable currently comes from metro cities, with the highest demand being for social support and domestic assistance (SSDA) jobs and personal care.

Whether you’re based in these regions or elsewhere, with ongoing demand typically outstripping supply, it’s a good time to start engaging on the platform to find potential clients and start building your business on Mable.

What you can expect to earn as a support worker on Mable

Mable provides opportunities for independent support workers to connect with clients across Australia, building lasting relationships based on mutual choice. This includes mutual choice and control over rates charged and rates paid.

Learn about indicative rates for other types of support services offered through Mable.

But what are indicative rates and how do you go about setting your rates? Keep reading to find out.

Qualifications for SSDA and personal care jobs

It’s important to note that if you want to provide social support and domestic assistance, you don’t need any formal qualifications, but you will need:

  • A complete profile
  • Valid Police Check – to be applied for through Mable
  • Two professional or personal references

So, you can start offering your support services for SSDA jobs right away.

To offer personal care, you need to have the above three (complete profile, valid police check and two professional or personal references) as well as a qualification from at least one of the following:

  • Certificate 3 or 4 in Individual Support
  • Certificate 3 or 4 in Aged Care
  • Certificate 3 or 4 in Disabilities
  • Certificate 3 or 4 in Home and Community Care
  • Official transcript – Working towards nursing degree (needs to have already completed first year)
  • Degree in nursing
  • Degree in Allied Health
  • Other relevant qualification
  • Two or more years of experience.

How to set your rates on Mable

When providing support through Mable, your profile will prompt you to provide an indication of your hourly or flat rates. These aren’t set in stone. You can start by checking indicative rates for the support service you want to offer.

You may have to negotiate your rates with potential clients to accommodate a range of factors, including the complexity of the work, the length or frequency of shifts and travel time. As an independent support worker, what you charge is entirely up to you – and whether they choose to accept it, is entirely up to your client!

Start providing support through Mable today

Whether you have signed up on Mable or are looking to register on the platform, it’s time to start engaging with potential clients and start expanding your small business. Make sure you get the most out of the platform by:

  • Checking out job posts: Get a sense of what’s out there and if you see a job you like the look of, check that your profile fits the bill. To search, simply log in to your account and click the ‘Jobs’ link on the left-hand side. You can narrow your search to the suburbs where you’re looking to work.
  • Messaging potential clients: Take a look at our tips for making a great first-impression.
  • Checking your inbox regularly: Make sure you reply promptly to any messages (ideally within an hour), and answer any questions clearly – even if it becomes apparent that the role isn’t for you.
  • Submitting your agreement: If you’ve found the perfect match, start off by having an accepted agreement before you start providing support. This is to ensure you’re protected by insurance and that you’re paid for your services.
  • Submit your support hours: It’s a very simple process to log your hours, but you’ll only get paid for a support session after you’ve submitted your timesheet and your client has approved it. Ensure you make these admin tasks a core part of your routine.

Log in to your account today to complete your registration process to join Mable and get started.