How do I submit a session to my support hours?

After you have completed a session with a client who has booked you through the Mable platform, you will need to submit support hours, as this is how you get paid.
Step one: Log into your Mable account.

Step two: Select support hours from your dashboard.

The Mable account's menu

Step three: Select add new.

Add a new support session in your Mable account
Step four: Select the client you worked for.

Choosing your client for adding your Mable support hours
Step five: Add the day you worked, the start time, and the number of hours you worked for. You will also need to choose your rates (rates previously agreed upon in the offer with your client).

Adding your support hours' time and rate inside your Mable account.
Step six: After choosing your rates, you will see that Mable gives you the total amount you will be paid.

Step seven: You will also need to complete your support notes to submit this session to your support hours. You can select learn more for further information and examples of what to consider including in your notes.

Adding your support notes to your support sessions performed on Mable.

Step eight: You will then be asked about whether you wish to enter an incident report. You can learn more about entering an incident report from our FAQ page.

How you can submit an incident report as an independent support worker on Mable.
Step nine: Once you have completed your information, select Submit, and it will be sent to your client for approval.

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