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Why Mable?

Join the community of independent support workers providing nursing services to thousands of clients across Australia.

of choice

Enjoy work-life balance, choosing your rates, your own schedule and clients.

Rewarding connections

Build meaningful client relationships and make a positive impact in your community.


We give you tools and resources to manage your small business on Mable.

Long-term opportunities

Build your earning potential with a reliable career as a support worker.

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Benefits you get from booking clients on Mable

“I now have the flexibility and time to care for their clinical needs. There are no restrictions, or hierarchical structures, it’s just you and the client, deciding how best to deliver that care.“


Nurse on Mable

What it takes

You must have at least one year of professional nursing experience plus one of the below qualifications to be a nurse on Mable.

Nursing qualifications outside of Australia accepted by Mable must be attained in New Zealand, the Philippines, USA, Canada, UK, EU member countries, Singapore, Hong Kong or the UAE.
You must provide your current registration with AHPRA.
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Enhance your nursing career with Mable

Gain exclusive access to the Mable Learning Hub, with 170+ professional learning and development courses available to you, free of charge!


Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points are available, with courses including:

Support Individual Health & Emotional Wellbeing

Building Resilience for Mental Health and Wellbeing

Services nurses can offer

In-demand services include:

Medication management

Vital signs

Wound care

Pre and post hospital care

Palliative care

Continence assessment

Case management

Respiratory care


Choose your hourly rates

Independent support workers have the freedom to set their rates on Mable, subject to the Mable minimum rate. Rates can be set for service types, session lengths, days and times of the week and public holidays. All pricing is agreed with clients before support is delivered on Mable.You can learn more on our pricing page.

Payment FAQs

There are three payment options on Mable. When you receive your payments depends on which option you choose:

  • Regular payments – your payment will be sent to you within two business days from when we collect the payment from your client. Payment collection times depend on the client’s funding source and payment method and can vary. We follow up on any overdue or unpaid payments as per our terms of use.
  • Express Pay – Mable has partnered with PayNow Finance to offer Express Pay. Express Pay guarantees you receive payment within 3 business days (subject to eligibility). You can select the Express Pay payment option in support hours. A 1.5% fee applies.
  • 10-Day Payments – If you are eligible for 10-Day Payments, and you’ve turned on this payment option (on your billing page or in account settings on mobile), Mable Payment Services pays your eligible support hours within 10 days, from approval, even if the payment is still being collected from the client or their funding source. So, if we’ve not collected your payment by day 10, we’ll pay you the value of your support hours, and take ownership of the invoice and responsibility for collection of payment for that invoice. If we collect your payment sooner, you’ll be paid right away.

The support worker’s Mable fee is the agreed rate minus 10%, while the client’s fee is the agreed rate plus 7.95%.

For example, if $45 per hour is the agreed rate, with Mable’s 7.95% client platform fee the client pays $48.58 per hour ($45 x 1.0795 = $3.58 fee). With Mable’s 10% worker platform fee ($45 x .1 = $4.50 fee) the worker receives $40.50 an hour.

We give safeguards and protections with every Mable booking. These include a high-level suite of insurances and our Trust & Safety Team available for all support booked on Mable.

How to sign up to Mable

The number one.

Set up your account

First, you need to create an account, then you need to set it up. To get approved as an independent support worker and provide nursing services on Mable you will need:
* The criminal history check must be completed through the link provided by Mable. This ensures that the check covers the type of work that you will be conducting via the Mable platform.
The number two.

Get approved and start finding work on Mable!

Approval usually takes a minimum of five business days, however please allow us up to three business weeks. Once you are approved, you can start booking jobs!
The number three.

Complete support work booked on Mable and get paid!

Your client approves your invoice for your support work after it’s taken place. Mable collects payments from clients and sends the payment to you within three business days of receipt.

Want to be an independent support worker on Mable?

Join Mable and find work-life balance with more choice and control.