We asked our Community of Care and Support Workers to help name our Mable bird. We had some great responses…

As the Mable brand represents our independent care and support workers, we asked for their help to name the Mable bird. The name will appear in a speech bubble as the bird guides users around our website. Based on community feedback, the winning name is ‘Flo’, named after Florence Nightingale – the bird of care.

Here were some inspiring suggestions from our Care Workers:

  • Angel
  • Sunshine
  • Tirridirri/Tirri (Aboriginal name for a sunbird)
  • Polli (Means bird in Greek)
  • Gogo
  • Handi
  • Stanley
  • Pete
  • Peet
  • Archie
  • Bette/Betty
  • Florence/Flo (named after Florence Nightingale – the bird of care)
  • Elly

One thoughtful response in particular needs to be shared as it captures so well what Mable and our community stands for. “Malaya” was a close second choice.

“As a care worker in this community I suggest to name the bird MALAYA, it is a Filipino term which means freedom. To be a good and effective worker, one needs to be free from life’s stressors. And for the clients, they should feel free to be what they want to be.”

– Rhea T.