10-Day Payments explained

10-Day Payments is an optional feature that guarantees a support worker’s invoice is paid within 10 days of their support hours being approved (subject to eligibility).

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How 10-Day Payments works
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How 10-Day Payments works

As a support worker, if you are eligible and choose to use 10-Day Payments, Mable Payment Services pays you within 10 days of approval of your support hours even if the payment is still being collected from the client or their funding source.

So, even if the client hasn’t paid the money by day 10, we’ll pay you the value of your support hours. Then we take ownership of the invoice and responsibility for collection of payment for that invoice.

If we receive the client’s payment before the 10 days are up, the money will be sent to you straight away.

All support hours are checked for potential payment risks that might prevent or delay the collection of your payment.

If your support hours are not eligible to be paid under our 10-Day Payments terms, we’ll collect the payment under our regular payment terms. We’ll then explain the actions required for you to become eligible.


As a support worker, be eligible for 10-Day Payments you require:

  • 20+ approved support hours submissions on the Mable Platform.
  • Any client payment method other than direct debit or credit/debit card.
  • Approval from Mable that your account is in good standing (This check is done instantly when you apply for 10-Day Payments).

Once you become eligible for 10-Day Payments, the option to toggle 10-Day Payments on and off will appear on your Billing page on browser or Account Settings in the app.

Tips to remain eligible

To remain eligible for 10-Day Payments, you must:

  • Submit support hours promptly
  • Provide detailed support notes
  • Get to know your clients’ funding type requirements (for example: NDIS price limit rates and 24-hour rates)
  • Be qualified and verified for the services you provide
  • Provide details of any issues if you choose to terminate an agreement.

Review the 10-Day Payments Terms of Use.

Tracking payments

To track the status of a payment, you can go to the support hours section of your Mable account.

  • Under review: Mable reviews all support hours for potential payment risks. Reviews generally take no longer than one business day. We’ll be in touch if we require further information.
  • Approved: The support hours have been approved as eligible for 10-Day Payments. The payment will be received within 10 days.
  • Declined: The support hours have been declined and are not eligible for 10-Day Payments. The payment will be collected as per Mable’s regular payment terms.
  • Suspended: Access to 10-Day Payments is unavailable and the payment will be collected as per Mable’s regular payment terms. You will be asked to share information with us, which we’ll review for potential reinstatement of 10-Day Payments.

If 10-Day Payments is declined for support hours, you will receive an in-app notification.

If 10-Day Payments access is suspended, you will be notified by email.

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