Regular payments explained

Support workers will be paid under regular payment terms by default, unless they choose one of Mable’s other optional payment features.

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How regular payments work
Payment collection times
Delayed payments
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How regular payments work

As a support worker, payment will be sent to you within two business days of the time we collect the money from the client.

Mable has systems in place to follow up on unpaid or overdue invoices on your behalf.

Payment collection times

Payment collection times depend on the client’s funding source and payment method. These are:


We’ll invoice the client or their funding source on the next Wednesday after the support hours are approved. You should submit your support hours before midnight on Monday in order for your clients to be invoiced on Wednesday of the same week. Payment times depend on the funding source and can vary.

Client pays by credit card

We’ll charge the client the next business day after the support hours are approved. Payments are generally received two business days later.

Client pays by direct debit

We’ll charge the client the next Monday or Wednesday after the support hours are approved, whichever comes first. Payments are generally received three business days later.

You can check a client’s payment method in the Support hours section of their accounts, in the Payment collected column. This column will also indicate if an invoice is Paid or Pending payment.

Delayed payments

The following is the process for delayed payments:
Check when your support hours were approved and check the client’s payment method. This will help establish when to expect the payment.

After 14 days, an unpaid invoice will display as overdue.

Mable will contact the client on your behalf and attempt to collect payment. You can terminate your agreement with a client at any time, subject to any termination clauses you may have included in your service agreement with the client.

Mable is aware of payment delays related to the NDIS and Aged Care industries and the impact on support workers. We continue to assist workers on our platform to resolve significant payment delays directly with our partner providers and the NDIA.

As a support worker, you can help to prevent potential payment delays by:

  • Providing detailed support notes
  • Submitting support hours and notes in a timely manner
  • Getting to know your clients’ funding type requirements (For example: NDIS pricing arrangement and price limits)
  • Confirming your clients’ stated support goals and ensuring their support lines up with them
  • Adding clear cancellation policies into your agreements.

More payment information for support workers