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  • Aged Care: Does my provider have to agree to let me use workers on Mable?

Aged Care: Does my provider have to agree to let me use workers on Mable?

Providers have to put consumers at the centre and respect the fact that consumers have choice. But at the same time, providers are also governed by the Aged Care Act and Home Care Common Standards and their understanding of Consumer Directed Care. What that means to one provider can be different to the next. Some providers are really good at putting consumers at the centre. Other providers aged care providers might struggle to adapt to the current environment. You may find a provider where, based on their systems and their view of the world, you might find it difficult for them to allow you to use Mable.

Other traditional providers have a full-service offering and a self-service offering, they will respond to you based on your preferences. Again, there is another set of providers, who provide administration but don’t actually produce services through their own workforce, they will be very supportive of you using innovative services like Mable. Bottom line is, ask your provider if they will support you with a self-direction option or being able to self-manage your care workers via Mable. If they at all resistant we are happy to talk to them. If they don’t offer this as a part of their offering to the market, we can talk to you about providers who do.Call us on 1300 736 573.