What is Consumer Directed Care?

Elder care nurse playing jigsaw puzzle with senior woman in nursing home

Consumer Directed Care is a term used in the aged care sector to explain a way of providing services that allows those receiving services to make choices about the types of services they want, and who should provide them.

Under the Consumer Directed Care approach, you can shop around for the types of services you need and want, and choose who you want to provide those services. You can get the best price and make your funding go further.

You are able to ask the organisation providing your services to hire the care worker of your choice. You can even ask your provider to hire a local care worker from Mable so as to avoid much of the overhead charges imposed by the service provider, and make your funded package go further.

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The Australian Government funds the bulk of aged care in Australia, the rest is paid privately by individuals or provided by volunteers. The government funds the following initiatives:

  1. Commonwealth Home and Community Care (low level assistance)
  2. Home Care Packages (high level assistance)
  3. Residential Care (in an aged care or nursing home)
  4. Transition Care (temporary support at home, or nursing home, after leaving hospital)

For those seeking support to continue living independently in their own home, there are two programs that can be accessed. Click through here for more information.

Other Helpful Resources:

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