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People of Mable: Dan Wang

Mable: Hi, Dan – Thanks for sharing your People of Mable story. Can you please tell us what your role is at Mable?

I’m the Strategic Partnerships Manager – I work with other organisations within the aged care and disability space to understand how we can work together to make life easier for our clients. 

What is something interesting your colleagues might not know about you? 

I’m grateful to have just completed  honours with first class – I researched aging populations with chronic illnesses in a rural context. It was really challenging but worth it for the skills and knowledge I gained.

Mable: Awesome! What excites you about working at Mable?

The people! Having worked in bigger companies, Mable has done something unique by  bringing together the best talent to focus on a shared mission. It gives us the opportunity to showcase a shared value-set, while still being cutting edge in the industry. 

Mable: What is a memory you treasure the most from this year at work? 

It was my third week of work and I was lucky enough  to go to Adelaide and meet some of Mable’s strategic partners. I went with Meredith and Luke (key individuals in our government, policy and community team) who have a wealth of sector knowledge. The trip along with guidance from Luke and Meredith, really set the tone for me about the sector and helped build strong long lasting relationships. 

Mable: If you could meet any person alive or dead – who would it be? 

I would meet someone a century into the future. This would help me better understand where the world was going and to know where I could help most. 

Mable: What was your first-ever job?

I worked at Kmart as a checkout chap and I actually loved it. We had great banter with awesome people and always heard funny new stories. 

Mable: What do you do when you are stressed out? How do you relax?

I am part of a swim club so I often jump in the pool to relax. Also a good sleep never hurts. 

Mable: How is Mable different to other aged care / disability services?  

Mable creates a platform to connect individuals with support workers or clients in a way that is right for the individual. You can choose who you want, for how long, with everything supported by safeguards. I haven’t seen anything else in the market that provides the same level of choice and control.

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