Rossiana: Support work enables me to be a mum and have a career

Support worker helps two people with disabilities prepare vegetables at the kitchen bench.


Rossiana: Support work enables me to be a mum and have a career

For many parents, achieving work-life balance is a huge struggle. Having a career you enjoy, that pays the bills and works with your family, is the dream.

Independent support worker, Rossiana, is living that dream.

Rossiana enjoys being on Mable and two of her clients, Abby and Shannan, are very grateful she is.

Here’s why.

A meaningful life

Through providing support on Mable, Rossiana is able to be both a present mum for her daughters, and enjoy an immensely satisfying career.

“I love the fact that Mable is very flexible,” says the mum of two. “I can work within school hours. I can still be a mum and also be pursuing my career,” she says.

Support work is my career … it’s really great to say that!” she gushes.

Between motherhood and support work, Rossiana’s life has great purpose and meaning.

She describes the feeling she gets after a successful support work session, one where she has really helped her clients as, “Just beautiful.”

“The thought that you actually help someone, it almost overwhelms you,” she shares.

Rossiana has five clients on Mable. Two of these are a couple, Abby and Shannan.

With Rossiana’s support (who they call Rosie), Abby and Shannan are able to maintain their relationship.

“If it wasn’t for Rosie I wouldn’t be able to see Abby during the week,” says Shannan, “So I’m very grateful to her.”

Love and laughter

As well as being able to spend quality time together, Abby and Shannan like to have fun with Rossiana.

The Switfites (Taylor Swift fans) share their love of music with their support worker.

“I play the best music in the car,” says Rossiana. “We love playing nice music and singing along together!”

A typical support session with Abby and Shannan involves Rossiana picking up Abby, before heading to Shannan’s for an outing all together. “We sometimes grab naughty food on the way,” laughs Abby.

Going to the shops to sniff perfume is a favourite thing to do, as are trips to the zoo, swimming expeditions, going to the movies and enjoying occasional lunches out.

While being fun to hang out with, Abby and Shannan also appreciate the kind and caring person Rossiana is.

“She is very passionate about her job and making sure that we’re both okay,” says Shannan, adding, “She’d do anything for you when you need her.”

As well as finding their ideal support worker in Rosie on Mable, Abby and Shannan also love using the platform to engage and communicate.

Mable is "so easy"

Both clients particularly enjoy Mable’s messaging system.

“It’s great how you can communicate with the carer directly,” says Shannan. “I would say I’ve made a few friends out of it too, which I really like.”

For Abby, being able to read independent support worker profiles and contact them digitally before actually meeting in person eases her anxiety.

“You really get to know what the carer is like before you even get to meet them,” she says, explaining, “I get scared and nervous about meeting new people.”

Rossiana also appreciates these tech features.

“We communicate a lot through the platform. We can do video calls, we can do messages,” she says.

For Rossiana, this is also how she and potential new clients can get a feel for each other, to see if they’d be a good support fit.

“Having a meet and greet with my client prior to providing my service is to know that we are vibing,” she shares.

For Abby and Shannan, they definitely ‘vibed’ with Rosie.

After posting a job ad for support, Shannan received a lovely reply from her.

“She just seemed like a very kind-hearted person … I thought that we’d get along well based on her message.”

Indeed they did.

The end result is two happy clients, but also, a happy support worker. One who can juggle motherhood with a career she loves because she has flexibility.

It’s called ‘life balance’ and it’s something Rossiana has been able to achieve with Mable.

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