Work-life balance as an independent support worker

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As an Independent Support Worker on Mable, you are running your own small business. You manage your own tax, super and hours. Being your own boss can make it hard to balance your professional and personal life. We asked two support workers on Mable, Susan and Sandy, how they manage work-life balance.

What does work-life balance mean to you?


For me, work-life balance means I can:

  • Avoid the grind, expense and time wasted in travelling to the office
  • Take control of my shifts and the hours I work. I can change my hours to suit my routine or take on more work to meet my financial goals. I can also design my work life to spend time doing the things that matter to me, like spending time with my pet or my personal projects. My work fits me, I don’t have to fit into a 9 to 5 job.


For me, work-life balance means being able to maintain my workload and still having time to spend time with my family, especially my children. Having said that, it’s equally important for me to ensure my clients’ wellbeing. If they’re happy, I am happy.

Can you share some ways you maintain this balance as a support worker on Mable?


I make a schedule of 3 to 4 favourable, ongoing clients. I choose clients who respect my efforts, and who will book me for a solid term to create a reliable income.

I have created my Mable bio in a way that attracts like-minded clients, so that I can create happy, respectful connections.

After that, it’s up to me to create and maintain a routine that is in keeping with my own work boundaries and energy levels. For me, that is working with a client in the morning and one in the afternoon.

This means I can rest at midday and have down time with my dog, finish household chores like paying bills and shopping, or just take care of myself.

Looking after myself means I can care for others with ease.


I work long hours, but I always make time to do the things that make me happy.

I go for early morning bay walks, and take time out to enjoy family time, even if it means just preparing a nice dinner together! I focus on my mental and physical health and always know when it’s necessary to take a break.

Think about what is important to you. I practise a lot of time management, planning my hours well in advance. I also set boundaries on how much I can provide to both clients and my family.

It’s really important that you enjoy your work. I believe enjoying what you do has a great impact on balancing work and personal life.

How has Mable helped you to achieve this balance?


Mable helps to carry the accounting workload, so that I can focus on work. Through Mable, my payment can come in weekly rather than fortnightly or monthly. For me, that means it’s easier to manage my financial needs, especially during this period of inflation when the cost of living is increasing.

I also receive support from Mable to answer clients’ questions.

I love that I can work from anywhere in Australia through the platform. I haven’t had to search too hard to find clients, there’s plenty of work available. Some of the clients that I booked when I first started with Mable are still with me today.

When you enjoy your work and helping others, it doesn’t feel like work, and that’s what Mable offers.


I have been with Mable for almost five years. I have grown so much, personal and professionally.

Mable has given me the opportunity to pursue my interest in helping people with disability.

Recently, I lost my mum to pancreatic cancer. I looked after her until she passed. I mention this because through Mable, I’ve had the experience of looking after people needing palliative care.

This experience helped me look after my mum and I’m grateful to Mable for it.

We hope Sandy and Susan’s experience managing their work-life balance has been useful for you.

As an independent support worker on Mable, you have access to the Mable Wellbeing Platform. This 24/7 service is free of charge. You can connect 1-on-1 with qualified counsellors, find resources on a wide range of topics, and have access to a range of exclusive discounts. Log in to the Mable Wellbeing Platform to learn more.

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A support worker’s guide to Mable news