Mable’s new features in June: Team chat, detailed availability information and more

Team chats, detailed availability information and more


Mable’s new features in June: Team chat, detailed availability information and more

At Mable, we are consistently working on improving your experience on the platform.

Whether you’re a client seeking a more efficient way to post a job, or an Independent Support Worker looking for a better way to communicate with your clients, we endeavour to make the process easier and seamless for you.

For the month of June, we have exciting new features designed to make it easier for clients to book an Independent Support Worker through Mable, as well as simplifying the process of managing a support team.

Support workers also soon have access to a brand new feature that will help them with incident reporting.

Improved job posts to help clients connect with support workers

When clients post a job on the Mable platform, they now have the ability to enter information in a detailed manner, designed to support them in connecting with and booking Independent Support Workers. For example, they can now specify if the support they require is ongoing or once-off; whether they’d like support to start as soon as possible, or from a specified date, etc.

For support workers, this new feature will help evaluate a job when they are looking at it, and they can easily see if it fits within their schedule.

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Team Chat

Real-time online and typing status updates are now displayed, while Team Chat also gives clients the ability to create group chats with any worker they’re currently in an agreement with on Mable. 

Team Chat is how clients and workers can communicate through online messaging securely on Mable. Staying in touch through Mable makes it easier to maintain support and communication, whether connecting 1-on-1 or in a team.

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