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How to use Mable messaging features (Team Chat)

To protect privacy, we provide a secure online messaging feature (sometimes referred to as ‘Team Chat’) so clients and independent support workers can connect on Mable. Clients can also bring their team of Support Workers together in a Team Chat.

We have updated our messaging service so users have even more accessibility and ease-of-use – let’s review these updates below.

Web Browser Updates

  • We have refreshed the inbox layout so it neatly fits any screen size if accessing our platform via a web browser.
web_browser inbox

A refreshed inbox layout suitable for any screen size.

  • You may minimise a message display by clicking the minimise a message display icon in the top right corner of an opened message.

A minimised message display option.

  • You may view a user’s online status when a green circle appears in their profile header.
online status green circle

Online status indicated by a green circle in the profile header.

  • Message send statuses are displayed, so you’ll also know if a message has been sent and seen.
Message statuses show sent and seen.
Different message statuses in Team Chat.

  • You also can view message activity in a user’s profile header.
profile header

Message activity shows that ‘Ana B is typing’.

What’s Next

  • Our messages have a What’s Next feature letting users know what’s next in the booking process, so they’re always in the loop. For example, John is a client but first needs to complete his profile.
booking process

Know what’s next in the booking process.

  • John completes his profile and connects with Independent Support Worker Angela about driving his dad to the hospital – the next step is requesting an agreement.
requesting an agreement

Request an agreement as part of the next step.

  • Angela makes John an offer, which he accepts and the job takes place.
accept the offer

Accept the offer and make an instant booking.

  • The What’s Next feature also works for Support Workers, for example Angela needs to start a conversation with Ana so an agreement can be sent.
send agreement to client

Support Workers know what’s next to reach an agreement.

App Banners

  • Our app displays assistance banners to keep you in the loop for what’s next, for example with an agreed meet and greet.
meet and greet with catalina

App banners help to keep you in the loop for what’s next.

Team Chat

  • Mable Team Chat is the perfect way for teams to communicate with each other in real-time, building transparency.
  • Only clients can create a new group chat when they have reached an agreement with two support workers on Mable.

Clients can start a new chat by selecting the Create a group chat card at the top of their inbox.

Client initiates group chat from inbox.
  • Our platform will show the workers you have an agreement with, for you to select who will join the created group.
join the created group

Select the workers you’re in an agreement with.

  • By default, the name of the Team Chat is the list of names of everyone in the group message including the client.
  • The message group Admin may manage the group by selecting the (i)-icon icon in the top right corner of the group message homepage.
manage gruop as admin

Manage group messages as the Admin.

  • Only clients and coordinators can add or remove Support Workers from a Team Chat. This is done by clicking the Team chat icon next to a user’s name.
  • The chat info displays all group members and any actions an Admin can perform to manage the group. If a client leaves the group message, then the entire conversation becomes frozen. Members can still view the conversation, but can no longer send any messages.
  • Support Workers can leave any time, but can only rejoin if the clients re-adds them. When a Support Worker is added to an existing group, they can see the group’s message history.
chat info

Only clients, coordinators and Mable admins can remove or add Support Workers.

My Support Workers

  • Clients now have a dedicated place to view all pending agreements quickly without sorting through which conversation had a pending agreement. This is from the My Support Workers page, under the Pending tab.
my support workers

View pending agreements in one place.

  • This tab shows any offers or amended agreements. By clicking the clicking the offer option, clients may review a received offer and proceed accordingly.
view offer

Clients can easily review the details of an offer.

Every booking made on Mable gives clients an extensive range of safeguards included in Mable’s platform fee, for your peace of mind and assurance. 

If you have any questions regarding booking on Mable, we have an Australian-based Client Support Team here for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we will be migrating over existing messages so clients and workers have a seamless experience.





Yes, however it will be the client’s name that is displayed, not the coordinator’s name inside the message.